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Twitter 101: unless they’re being retweeted, you’ll never see an @ mention of someone you don’t follow if the @ is at the beginning of a tweet. The reason this is important is because if you’re not following the right people you could be missing out on some hilarious exchanges. For example, last week when Karen Gillan posed the question “What type of person decides to become a writer?” (a tweet we could speculate about for hours) she got replies from some familiar names. Here are our favourites:

@ KarenGillan2 Question! In one adjective; what type of person decides to become a writer? #research

@ steven_moffat @KarenGillan2 Handsome.

Okay, actually thought about it this time. My word is: interior (under all the handsome.)

@ jamesmoran @ KarenGillan2 Crazy

Or, for me, "daydreamy". It's a word! I said so!

@ OldRoberts953 @KarenGillan2 Wordy.

@ danharmon @KarenGillan2 bad

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ colinferg Sitting next to @mishacollins on the plane and ACTUALLY saw him type 'Learn to use twitter' on his Notes to Self... *facepalm* ..exhale..

@ mishacollins The guy next to me on the plane keeps asking if I want his autograph. I don't want to encourage him. What should I do?

@ RyanMcPartlin : no matter how hard I try 2 quit @ZacharyLevi and Gomez, they're everywhere I look.

@ MoTancharoen It's Joss's birthday. Sing at him. #HappyBirthdayJoss

@ alan_tudyk My role was cut down in "Abe Lincoln Vamp Hunter," Up side? I no longer die. That frees me up for the sequel, "JFK, Werewolf Poacher."

@ ChrisChibnall "The Prisoner", that's all I'm saying.

@ BradBirdA113 Best unintentional ad for THE HOBBIT; 2 seasons of extraordinary chemistry between Martin Freeman %26 Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC's SHERLOCK.

@ MsJaimeMurray I really want a dragon @gameofthrones

@ jwrinzler Talked with George today about Making of Jedi. Always a great time after building up questions for more than a year.

@ wossy Am writing a piece for The Times on the subject of Batman Vs Spiderman. The Geeks shall inherit...

@ SamWitwer Sneak peak. #BeingHuman season 3. New look for Aidan. Exclusive.

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Yep, nope, Josh Hartnet is not being discussed or anyone else for DD that was just some wishful thinking, we are not at casting stage.

More DD debunking I am firmly against shooting in stereo so its unlikely to happen that way, & Fox is rightly against 2D to 3D conversions.

@ ConanOBrien Every little child loves to cuddle up with Bane, the psychotic, venom fueled nemesis of Batman.

@ theaarondouglas Looks like Ubisoft is buying up "watchdogs" movie domain names. Don't ask me why but fingers crossed.

@ missmorenab I'd say I'm equal parts gangster and grandma.

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