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We can’t help but empathise with Damon Lindelof. He’s an immensely talented writer responsible (in part) for the successes of Lost and JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. But ever since Lost ’s finale laser-targeted the internet’s self-perpetuating ball of hate directly at him, Lindelof hasn’t had a particularly successful streak. Cowboys & Aliens went down like a horse poo pie and now Prometheus has been greeted with a decidedly mixed response, most criticisms falling upon the problems of the script.

We’ve got no sympathy for him, of course. It’s not like he needs it and he got to write an Alien movie for Ridley Scott, for frak’s sake, but we do empathise with him ever since he started using Twitter to bare his soul to the world. As anyone who’s written anything in their life knows, there’s nothing worse than being told something you put your heart and soul into is and illogical, plot-hole-ridden mess and Lindelof articulates that writer’s malaise with every, increasingly awkward, tweet. If anything they should help a few down-in-the-dumps writers realise even the big boys have bad days.

@ DamonLindelof I do. All the time. RT @edhiggins @DamonLindelof Your movie was bad, and you should feel bad.

Drink. Cry. Repeat. RT @todd_13 Writer to writer, any advice on handling nonspecific-negative criticism?

Can't wait for (2/2)! RT @DJRooRox Thanks for ruining not only years of tv but now one of the greatest movie franchises of all time .. (1/2)

You sir, are a racist. And a hugeist. RT @KushLogic fuck you for what you did to LOST & Prometheus. I hope you get raped by huge black men.

The internet is like that spiky whip thing the albino priest hits himself with in THE DA VINCI CODE. #TimeToStopHittingMyself #SeeYaFriday

. @sutterink Alas, the moment I stop taking fan feedback personally is the moment I stop doing this for a living.

Midnight strikes. Descending into the Writing Pit. For all who saw PROMETHEUS (even those who hated it), I am grateful you gave it a try.

If I'm gonna get to over 200K followers, I need to find another beloved franchise to ruin. # JustKidding # NoImNot # ThisIsHowIProcessPain

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ NathanFillion Ok, London. I left you a treat. Tweet a pic when you find it.

@jg : @NathanFillion FOUND! ” Nicely done. Congrats!

Ready to find another one? You'll have to be clever this time...

@ RealCliveBarker My friends ,Clive here, writing to share some wonderful news. Following the two Sold Out screenings of NIGHTBREED: The Cabal Cut on Sunday...

Morgan Creek has given us permission to show the cut around the world and to raise money to prepare the cut for a release on Blu Ray...

@ Markgatiss Into the Labyrinth!

@ steven_moffat See this new monster I've invented? This is a GOOD one. This will SCARE you. Oh yes.

@ BryanFuller Singer on the set, there's nothing better, but I love Singer when he's wrapped in a sweater.

@ sutterink i'm on it! i'll pitch it to MG next time i see him. gemma-leela hot oil wrestling. RT @MagnusRose any chance for an SOA-Futurama crossover?

@ MattStrevens1 The best thing best thing about shooting at a brewery. #misfits

@ tomlenk I am at rehearsal for #jurassicpark the 30 minute musical. I am the t-rex. Process that.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Walked into a store, heard a very quiet All Along the Watchtower. Nobody else noticed ... really worried that I may be a frakkin' toaster.

@ theaarondouglas @wilw I haven't seen you at any of the meetings.

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Ian Somerhalder

@ iansomerhalder Me and President Obama if it was 1962...

@ eoincmacken I just spent the day on a very happy horse in a forest and it was almost magical.....

@ Hannah_Ties1323 : @ eoincmacken whats the horse you ride called? X

@ eoincmacken : @ Hannah_Ties1323 just 'horse'....we get on very well...

@ neveldinetaylor if we're taking sides on Prometheus. let's be clear: what Ridley did is pants-pissing genius

@ ManMadeMoon I hear in Season 3 of Game of Thrones, the Night Watch get reassigned to stand guard on top of the England football team. #england

@ EddieMcClintock VINTAGE #WAREHOUSE13 : "Umbillicus Shmillicus" Season 1

@ LucBruno88 @HamillHimself hey Mr. Hamill if you were asked to voice Joker in Arkham 3 would you do it?

@ HamillHimself @LucBruno88 Never say never!

@ SamWitwer I've always wondered since #Alien ; who were the #spacejockeys ? I guess I know now. They were #jerks . The end.

@ THEBRYANHITCH So another Blade Runner is on the way. Title? Blade Runners? Blade Ran? Blade Running? Blade Trot? Blade Long Distance Marathon Runner.

@ charltonbrooker I reckon The Dark Knight Rises will be so pretentious, Batman will start calling himself 'Bartholomew Man' in it.

@ rainnwilson Dear Prometheus crew: Maybe if you stopped constantly removing yr helmets, aliens would stop jumping down yr throats. Just a thought! Be ...

@ JamesGunn W @mrosenbaum711 @seangunn @tarastrong @jimmyurine @OJessicaNigri at the biggest crowd for a WB games launch ever!!!

@ RealReeceShears The creepiest bit in Aliens is when "Newt" says "Most-ly".

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