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A Double Fine Twitter Adventure, a Firefly family pic and Samuel L Jackson gets a little too excited about Episode I 3D, all in this week’s tweets

Something very important for the videogame industry happened last week. Something you might not even know about given how quickly it became such big news.

The team at Double Fine games (creators of Stacking and Costume Quest ) decided their next project would return to the roots of their most famous sons Ron Gilbert ( Monkey Island ) and Tim Schafer ( Grim Fandango ) and be an adventure game. But rather than go through a publisher who would more than likely laugh in their face, they decided to crowd-fund it via Kickstarter.

Their goal was to raise $400,000 dollars over the course of a month – $300,000 for the game and $100,000 for a behind the scenes documentary. Word spread so fast thanks to social networks like Twitter, and passions clearly run so high for adventure games of old, that not only did they smash through that barrier in barely 8 hours, within a day they had raised over $1 million.

Watching the whole miraculous process unfold via Twitter through the eyes of @ TimOfLegend and @ grumpygamer was both fascinating, inspiring and a genuine turning point for the future of videogames. We can’t wait to play it.

Holy smokes, we just hit $100k!!! I think that's higher than the budget of Monkey Island! Adventure gaaaaaaames!!!

@ grumpygamer Anything interesting happening on Twitter?


@ TimOfLegend $391k! Side note: This whole thing has put me over 50k twitter followers, and suddenly I'm getting a ton of "hey baby" spambotbabes.

Kickstarter records so far: Most funds raised in the first 24 hours. Highest number of backers of all time, and growing! Good morning! :)

So is Double Fine trending on everybody's Twitter? Or is that just my Twitter trying to make me feel good?

$840,616... We could possibly hit a million dollars in the first 24 hours! If that happens... a lot of people are going to take notice. :)

@ grumpygamer See, adventure games aren't dead, they were just out back having a smoke (which, ironically, is going to kill them).

@ TimOfLegend $955k! Guys, I'll make you a deal. If we hit $980k I'll add RTS elements to the game! And if we hit $1M, I'll take them back out!

I only wish we were back home with the team to pop champagne with them at $1M!

@ grumpygamer @TimOfLegend I'm making everyone stay at their desks and work. You're not missing anything.

@ TimOfLegend Got a pic from @doubleanna of the celebration back home at Double Fine: Love you, Double Fine!

$1,343,061! We've passed the budget of Day of the Tentacle and are closing in on the Full Throttle budget ($1.5M). I'm adding motorcycles!

$1,520,878! We've passed the budget for Full Throttle! Well, adjusted for inflation, FT was really $2,244,782, according to SOME WEBSITE.

But we are starting to get into Costume Quest/Stacking/Iron Brigade budget territory. Those were around 2 million. Interesting...


At the time of writing the amount raised has reached over $2million. Seems there's a lot of love (and money) in the world for sci-fi and fantasy adventure games.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ exitthelemming Alas there will be no more Eternal Law; not enough people watched it. A thousand thanks to those of you who did, and said such kind things.

@ Jon_Favreau Had a lot of fun my first week at Bad Robot.


@ ManMadeMoon Phew! Can't say I'm not relieved Uncle Ridley isn't doing Blade Runner next. Not sure I was ready to go toe to toe with him yet. :)

@ jamesmoran Arg, forgot about those creepy Ceiling Anuses with their dangly tongues that suck you up into their teeth. #halflife2

@ simonpegg I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like this ship, y'know, it's exciting!


@ stephenfry Hobbiting is fun. So great to be back.



@ DamonLindelof I would be really excited that Michael Bay is making another TRANSFORMERS movie if I liked having my eyes raped.

@ JamesGunn My review of Mass Effect 3: If I have to choose between Mass Effect 3 and the continent of South America, I choose Mass Effect 3. The end.

@ murraygold In sweeping measures, Greeks have cut seven hundred old organs and synthesizers from Vangelis' 2012 Christmas extravaganza...

@ DAVID_A_SLADE It's time to start doing this: #Awake


@ SamuelLJackson 3Ding a Jedi MAHPFAUCCAUHS' first appearance tomorrow. Re-release of Episode I ! Mace Windu n da howze!


@ Josh_Friedman Took 7yrold to Phantom Menace 3D. The only thing that could've made it worse would've been if I'd stayed awake the whole time.

@ God_Damn_Batman Why does everyone feel the need to get me bat-themed everything for my birthday? I also like dinosaurs.

@ bearmccreary It's true!!! RT @EMPmuseum So cool. @bearmccreary just announced he just finished scoring the pilot for Blood %26 Chrome. #galactibash

Yes, the job really is this easy :) #galactibash

@ grumpygamer In another example of the failing American educational system: why wasn't I taught that Abraham Lincoln fought vampires.

@ SethMacFarlane One of the reasons I love America is that watching Vampire Diaries is not yet enforced by government mandate.

@ straczynski Watching musical episode of Buffy for the ten millionth time. Still the best TV ever.


@ BambolaBambina Loved that @deadmau5 had a #cylon face on tonight's #grammy performance!!! Way to rep!!! #SoSayWeAll

@ BRIANMBENDIS the murdering unicorn who farts rainbows on supernatural is maybe the funniest thing i have ever seen. and i was at we are the pizza.

@ JewelStaite Happy Saturday. From my family to yours.


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