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An SFX Weekender special! Plus: proof Nathan Fillion fans are everywhere and what sci-fi show are the bunnies watching in the Playboy mansion right now?

Superbowl, smuchperbowl, the Twitter-sphere was rocked to its foundations this weekend by the # sfxweekender , or at least it would have been if anyone could get a decent signal and/or wifi. In spite of Prestatyn’s communications black-hole the tweets came thick and very, very fast from attendees, guests and your humble hacks.

Naturally Twitter isn’t the best place for accurate reporting of facts, but overall we’re chuffed to bits with the reaction we’ve been receiving from Twits in attendance (hoho) and thought you might like to see a selection of our favourites from the weekend:

@ philfordesq In other news at the #sfxweekender @mrtonylee and I got down with da kids and got up on stage and danced with Craig Charles. Oh yeah.

@ brianblessed So lovely to see so many of you. Might take a while though. #sfxweekender

@ Paul_Cornell The best of many good things about #sfxweekender : a 4000 people standing ovation for Brian Aldiss. #fb

@ SarahPinborough It is time to leave Wales... Thanks to all at the #sfxweekender for looking after me and I'm sooo relieved I survived Just a Minute!

@ mrtonylee Highlight of #SFXWeekender for me? Walking into the green room to find Brian Blessed with a black wig on yelling 'GORDON'S ALIVE!'. Really.

@ LordWinchester Lovey time had at the #SFXweekender though a distinct lack of death threats. I must be doing something wrong!

@ JaineFenn I should be writing, but I'd much rather check out everyone's photos from the # SFXWeekender . It was a blast.

@ normanlovett1 Back from SFX Weekender which was most enjoyable and it makes me appreciate that there are lots of nice people on this planet.

@ JonCG_novelist So, 1 hangover, 2 proofs (first one great), 3 invitations to lunch sometime soon, and caught up with numerous friends. Good result. # sfx

@ AquilaRift Finished a draft of a story; would normally rush to polish it but will let it sit while I go to the SFX Weekender.

@ jamesmoran Apparently the #SFXWEEKENDER train derailed when somebody said they didn't like Firefly. Heads exploded.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ RealReeceShears Just watched the season finale of "American Horror Story"! That's my kind of series! Loved it.

@ feliciaday I just thought about Mass Effect 3, the act of popping in the disk on release day, and I got super excited. # thane4life

@ hughhefner The girls %26 I have decided to start watching "The Walking Dead."


@ ManMadeMoon Sneak peak of new SF script... INT. EMP MING'S CASTLE - NIGHT JARJAR Mesum hoping Megatron not found yellow power ring! MEGATRON Too late!

It has all four of the basic SF food groups.

@ gregmottola Nobody could argue that digital filmmaking didn't improve the Star Wars films. Oh wait, I went temporarily insane.

@ colinferg Just finished ADR with the boys.... i am officially done all of my work on Eureka. # sniff . Its been a great run. Thanks everyone.

@ DamonLindelof Spock and Kirk go on an adventure. RT @mason1313 just in case the mayans were correct, will u please tweet the plot to new star trek?

@ NathanFillion I wonder if Clark Kent ever gets, "Thanks, Supes!" on his.

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