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What's stopping Steven Moffat writing Doctor Who ? Which Smallvile alum is joining the cast of The Vampire Diaries ? And what's up with Scott Pilgrim's hat? All in this week's tweets

In a just world we’d be using this slot to highlight how SF swept up at the Golden Globes, and the outporing of adoration for Hugo , Game Of Thrones and unsung gems like Attack The Block on the Twittersphere. Unfortunately, as you might expect SF was royally snubbed at this year’s ceremony with only a handful of genre winners. Still, at least @ pattonoswalt was on hand to single out the most deserved win of the evening:

@ pattonoswalt The Dinklage win makes up for the Theron loss. Barely. # myonlyGoldenGlobesTweet

In other news now that the festive period is well and truly over the production cycle has started all over again in telly land. Brian Bendis sort of confirmed the Powers adaptation has hit a rocky road.

@ BRIANMBENDIS powers fans! you are loud and proud. the TV show is not dead yet. i promise i'd tell you. we're still in the game. cross whatever you can

Writing on The Walking Dead series three starts this week:

@ glenmazzara # thewalkingdead Writers Room for S3 starts today. Can you say 1st day of school?

And Smallville ’s Cassidy Freeman is set to make an appearance in The Vampire Diaries .

@ cassidyfreeman hello # vampirediaries's good to be here..

The things you learn on Twitter.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ charltonbrooker Batman fans are actually *happy* his parents were murdered; otherwise Batman wouldn't exist. How fucking selfish can you get?

@ kateesackhoff Thanks for the patience guys...I can finally confirm that I will be in the next Riddick movie...As if you hadn't figured that out yet!

@ sutterink caught terra nova 4 the 1st time this weekend. while it was pretty much unwatchable, i applaud the bold idea and the risk fox took making it

@ Paul_Dini Coolness! Arkham City has been nominated for WGA video game writing award. Congrats to fellow bat-scribes Paul Crocker & Sefton Hill.

@ RealReeceShears A catalogue of fucking alterations, jumping on and off various faulty carriages. Just need some moles and I am Donkey Kong Country Returns.

@ feliciaday Oh we also played a lot of Tekken 6. Wow that's a fun game, especially if you play the Panda who KICKS FACES IN! # vegas

@ DamonLindelof I love the smell of dilithium in the morning. Good to be back. # BoldlyGo


@ steven_moffat Oh, they've sent me The Sensorites!! How am I supposed to WRITE Doctor Who, if they keep sending me Doctor Who to WATCH??

@ radiomaru scott pilgrim's hat in the comic makes no sense. The flaps dont even cover his ears. it's as if i am a complete idiot

@ jumblejim Today's the birthday of my beloved Kim Manners, my X-Files and Supernatural colleague. We all miss him terribly. #kickitintheass

@ Paul_Cornell 'Archers, wait until you see the whites of their knees.' # skyrimmilitaryorders

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