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Christmas reminisces, the real reason Boone died on Lost and which comic creator is a budding Doctor Who scribe? All in the first Tweets Of The Week of 2012

Happy New Year one and all! Twitter traditionally slows down over the Christmas break, with most sci-fi celebs presumably stuffing their faces with copious amounts of Turkey and Quality Street, much like us normies, but this year the Twittersphere seemed just as active as ever.

Wil Wheaton had a Walrus on his tree, everyone in the UK cried at the end of Doctor Who and Felicia Day spent the entire Christmas break playing Skyrim it seems (just like us!) The most exciting news came just two days ago though, when Simon Pegg posted this wink wink, nudge nudge update:

@simonpegg # Sherlock was awesome tonight. Can't believe I have to boldly go and miss the next two. My kingdom for a slingbox!

Coupled with Damon Lindelof’s equally “cryptic” tweet not long after, we wonder what they could be up to?

@DamonLindelof Something really, REALLY cool just happened. # BoldlyGo



The SFX Twitter Stream

@Jon_Favreau Meryl Streep was fantastic in Iron Lady in spite of no red and gold armor.


@NoelClarke Yo @BradleyJames for BOND.


@Josh_Friedman I know I'm very late to the WHO party...but saying good-bye to Rose Tyler last night in DOOMSDAY was tough on me and the wife.

@Sethrogen Accidentally shoved arkham asylum in ps3 while modern warfare was in there. My attempt to salvage:

@ZacharyLevi There's a lot of speculation out there, but my recent twabsence is due to hard work and charity.

The charity being my own sanity, and the hard work is running Link's ass around Skyloft for 35+ hours. Oh, and I beat Uncharted 3. Noel!

@jamesmoran Russell was the most brutally honest with notes- but always left you laughing, feeling like the best writer in the world.

He also has this strange ability to name characters, instantly. I'm terrible with names. I think he may be a warlock.

@simonpegg They call the Nativity 'the greatest story ever told' but for me, the absent father motif is far more affecting in The Empire Strikes Back.

Watched Star Wars last night. Got original 3 on Blu for Christmas. The CG additions seem more dated and incongruous than Han's sideburns.

Trek marathon. Did 3 & 4 tonight and enjoyed them both. 4 is a guilty pleasure but a pleasure nonetheless. *picks up mouse* Hello computer?

@feliciaday Can I marry more than one person in Skyrim? It's gonna factor in whether I hook up with this innkeeper or not. He's OKAY, but...ya know.

# Skyrim : I think I might marry an Argonian and move him to my Solitude house, just so the snotty neighbors can gossip about us.

# Skyrim : Heartbroken cause I got that Xbox bug where a Stone of Barenziah doesn't appear in Fellglow Keep. 23/24 gems. # MAJORSOBBING

@therealcliffyb We considered "G3ARS" at one point. We then sobered up.


@DamonLindelof @iansomerhalder It was your hair. Your glorious hair. I coveted it. And since it could never be mine, Boone had to go. # IAMTHATPETTY

@Markgatiss I know 'Superman Returns' was a boring disappointment but we must never forget how pretty Brandon Routh is.

I wonder if the triumvirate of the Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion ruled Oz well? This kind of power-sharing agreement rarely works.

@OldRoberts953 To clarify: BBC haven't sent me the blu-rays with my own episodes on. Mind you it took @steven_moffat a year to get series 5 out of them!

@ManMadeMoon 5 episodes in to Game of Thrones. Do I plan to do TV in the future? Too bloody right I do! Fantastic stuff.

@charltonbrooker Just witnessed a man in an airport having a pretty heated argument with Siri.

I suspect Siri detects when you fall asleep, then whispers hypnotic suggestions for over an hour each night.

Potential new Black Mirror episodes effectively writing themselves.

@Paul_Cornell Is @geoffjohns going to write for Doctor Who this year? One of you thinks so in our Predict 2012 Game entries! # fb

@geoffjohns @Paul_Cornell Someone would just need to ask.


@edgarwright Saw Eddie Redmayne in 'Richard II' last night with Derek Jacobi in the stalls. Felt like the Donmar was a vortex %26 I saw Two Doctors meet...

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