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Behind the scenes on the last ever episode of Chuck, Anne McCaffrey tributes and Leonard Nimoy on why Spock's better than Princess Leia, all in this week’s tweets

One of the best things about Twitter is being able to ask questions of your favourite SF and Fantasy stars and (in theory) get a direct response. Unfortunately it never quite works like that, as with most boasting thousands, if not millions, of followers the chances of them seeing your question in a constant stream of @ updates could literally be a million to one.

Some do manage to pull off an entertaining Q&A session, however. @ ZacharyLevi does his regular TwitCasts, @ serafinowicz has his hilarious #PSQAs, and former Buffy writer/director @ stevendeknight frequently takes to Twitter to answer fan questions. Mostly about his current show Spartacus , yes, but occasionally other shows too, DeKnight raising our eyebrows with his answer to this question:

@ stevendeknight Sadly Torchwood has been torched. RT @DerfelMacklin @stevendeknight How about Torchwood? :)

Before clarifying:

@ stevendeknight I spoke out of turn. Actually not sure. Would LOVE to work with Russel!RT @sadsuburbancos apparently Torchwood has been quietly canceled...

Fans of @ JamesGunn ’s Super would also do well to look over his stream from the weekend, where he live Tweeted a commentary for the film. Clearly a man after our own hearts with this particular tweet:

@ JamesGunn This is a good time for a bathroom break if you really need to go (well wait until after the sex scene)


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ZacharyLevi Great. Now I'm crying in my trailer. Thanks jerk. RT @JoshuaEGomez : We open at the close.

@ TheRealNimoy Carrie Fisher says her hair buns in Star Wars are better than Spock ears. I don't agree. Her hair can't hear. LLAP

@ neilhimself Listening to my commentary on The Doctor's Wife on the blu-ray. Amused to notice the censored bits where I suddenly stop talking. # budgetBBC

@ simonpegg @JohnTheCho Bless you Choballs. We'll be together soon. It's so close now I can almost smell your space musk. It's nuttier than Pine's.

@ ManMadeMoon Job done! Just finished watching Return of the King extended addition. 12 hours straight of movie goodness. :)

@ DamonLindelof Yeah, I cried during THE MUPPETS. Does this somehow make me less a man? No. It does not.

@ iansomerhalder @DamonLindelof Solid thinking Damon, solid. Xo


@ DamonLindelof @iansomerhalder Seriously. The last time I cried like this was when Boone died. P.S. I'm Team Damon.

@ bearmccreary Hey # BSG fans, let's welcome Kat herself to twitter! :) follow @lucianacarro


@ emmacaulfield I'm taping a tiny green paper tree to my tv. that way my faves like Aliens can be Xmas movies.

@ feliciaday I have a Skyrim hangover. Lydia's "I'm sworn to carry your burdens" was looping in my head all night while I sniped Foresworn bikini ladies.

@ ManMadeMoon I liked Skyrim before, now I love it. Reverse axed off a chaps head and watched it roll half way down a mountain. Game physics. Genius!

@ rcjohnso While playing Skyrim I alternate between humming the "I swear I saw a dragon" song from Pete's Dragon and chanting "sky-RIM sky-RIM"

@ Y_Strahovski Oooh my GOSH !! Star wars episode two is the BEST one ive ever seen i love it !!!!!!!

Juuusstt kidding :)

Yoda's got some serious moves. Yoda vs Sarah Walker ? ;)

@ charltonbrooker I don't just want one projectionist per screen. I also want an usherette, an organist, a conductor, and a sniper who kills anyone who talks.

@ simonpegg So just to reiterate, British Telecom is directly responsible for any delays in the creation of the next Wright/Pegg joint. # veryannoyed .

@ DavidGArnold Call of Duty has grossed more than $775 MILLION dollars in its first 5 days of release.Games are the new everything kids...

@ m_giacchino Anyone else remember this album...?


@ radiomaru I don't usually get pissy about reboots %26 remakes but the American AKIRA is like so deeply offensive to me on so many levels. Fuck you guys!

@ dhewlett Anne McCaffrey the fantastic writer who made dragons my preferred form of transport has died. We've lost another fabulous dreamer. :-(

@ pattonoswalt R.I.P. Anne McCaffrey. Everyone fly your dragons at half-mast.

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