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The Twitter-verse reacts to the Doctor Who movie news, lamentations on Twilight and what does Bill Murray think of Scott Pilgrim? All in this week’s tweets

Does anyone think the Doctor Who is actually going to happen? Regardless of whether it happens or not, everyone has an opinion on whether it should (our Dave Golder’s is more level-headed /flame-baiting than most), and with plenty of big-name Who fans painting their thoughts on the wall every day on Twitter, there was no shortage of opinion this past week. Or should that be cryptic/outright objection, because if Twitter were anything to go by it seems the whole world is against it, including the main man on Who at the moment – Steven Moffat. At least we think he’s against it, we’re not very good with metaphors:

@ steven_moffat Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is - I've seen it.

@ neilhimself @steven_moffat Sounds brilliant. But does it have to be a Moon?


@ TobyHadoke @steven_moffat Be sure you casually undermine the work of anyone who has made a moonshot before you as well, with a glib, sweeping dismissal


A couple of other famous fans chipped in two, both in typically outspoken fashion.

@ simonpegg Why is everyone speculating about who should play the Doctor in the Doctor Who movie? Matt Smith is the Doctor, he should fucking play him!!

It's nice to be thought of but I do not want the part and would not accept if it were offered to me. I did my Who time and I died. The end.

@ mrmarkmillar I'm putting myself forward to play Dr Who in the upcoming movie. If Moffat's not involved they might as well get a rubbish actor too.


Also, seeing as today is the Doctor's 48th birthday, here are some celebratory tweets!

@ TobyHadoke Happy birthday to Who, happy birthday to Who, Happy birthday Doctor Who-oo, Happy birthday to Who!

@ Paul_Cornell It was 48 years ago today that Doctor Who taught so many of us to play.


@ jamesmoran Happy birthday to Doctor Who! 48 years since the first broadcast. Blimey. Must watch some to celebrate.

@ neilhimself 48 years ago, Doctor Who started. I couldn't be who I am today without the things the tv series, annuals, etc did to my mind. Thank you BBC.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ ManMadeMoon Oh twilight movies... How your opening box office weekend numbers make a mockery of hard work. I do hate you so.

@ Markgatiss Did Douglas Adams create the character Sepp Blatter?


@ edgarwright I have it on good authority that Bill Murray loves 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World'. In related news, am retiring.

@ neilhimself The 1944 movie of LORD OF THE RINGS, starring Humphrey Bogart as Frodo, remains my favourite;

@ eliroth Darth Vader thought it was a good idea to strike down Obi Wan. Look how well that worked out for him. Stay safe NYC, we are watching. # OWS

@ Y_Strahovski We are still filming. Just finishing up ep 11 of Chuck...2 more to go ..... Omg!


@ allisonscag I'm going to start a blog called The Tears of Twin Peaks. It's just screen shots of people crying in Twin Peaks.

@ JamesGunn Hello, Skyrim. Goodbye, world.


@ TimOfLegend Explaining to wife: When I take off my pants to play Zelda, it's not a sexual thing. It's about being 100% committed to the quest.

@ neilhimself @wilw I wonder if Evil Wil Wheaton from Big Bang Theory hangs out with Evil Neil Gaiman from the Simpsons. # WeAreSoEvil

@ Paul_Cornell 'Writer's block' is just a sign that the last brick you put down is wrong, and that you shouldn't build on it.

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