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Tweets Of The Week

Graham Norton invading Doctor Who causes a Twitter-quake; a Spaced star passes on; Nimoy has some advice for Shatner; and loads more

Comics ace and Kick Ass maestro Mark Millar finally joined the Twitter gang last week: "Have just finished third cup of tea of the day. It doesn't feel like Twitter unless some pointless shit gets mentioned too!" But clearly he's not somebody who really understands the internet: "I'm finding all these tweets I want to reply to but don't know how to add to my home-page. God, I wish I wasn't a university drop-out."

Last Saturday's Doctor Who caused a minor Twitter earthquake for slashing a cartoon ident of Graham Norton over the cliffhanger to “The Time of Angels”. ""Why don’t the BBC just wipe shit all over the screen during the final scene of Dr. Who next week?" spluttered Charlie Brooker. "I hope Moffat is bellowing down a phone to someone right now." Ashes to Ashes's Matthew Graham was similarly apoplectic: "I take it everyone else was livid that the Beeb put a gurning cartoon Graham Norton across the exciting cliffhanger climax of Dr Who. Please BBC – you’re not a US network, you’re so much better than they are. Don’t cheapen yourself. The public know what’s up next!" Simon Pegg too wasn't one to ignore last week's biggest SF story: "Congrats to the BBC for ruining the climax to Doctor Who with a cartoon Graham Norton telling about another f**king talent show!"

Finally, a quickfire round-up of our other favourite Twitterers' cyber exploits: Jane Espenson last week met her 60s counterpart, Trek veteran DC Fontana: "OH MY GOD! She's so cool! So nice! So modest! I'm still flailing!" Jane shrieked. "M. Night Shyamalan has made a film called 'The Last Airbender'," Tweeted David Arnold, "a title that would have delighted most of my mates at school!" And lastly, Leonard Nimoy Twittered old mate William Shatner to tell him: "You're being considered for Governor General of Canada. Do it!! Finally a chance to do something w/your life!"