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The Toy Story titles that could have been, Steven Moffat on Firefly and Charisma Carpenter reports from the set of Supernatural , all in this week’s Tweets

In theory one of the best things about Twitter is being able to ask your favourite actor/writer/sci-fi journalist (okay, maybe not that one) a question and be in with a good chance of getting an answer. Unfortunately, with the number of followers most celebs have it’s unlikely they’ll even see your question amongst the constant flood of responses filling up their stream, let alone have the time to reply.

It’s also true that with most Twitter Q&As the questions asked and the answers given are the most inane imaginable (typically along the lines of Q: “OMG, when does your new show start? I have to know I’m your biggest fan!” A: “Friday. And thx, I love everyone in the world!” Seriously, has no-one on Twitter heard of Google?) Occasionally, however someone will ask a question that encourages a genuinely fascinating and insightful response. Take Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, who responded to a question about working titles for Pixar’s new Dinosaur movie with a mega-list of Toy Story titles that could have been. Our favourites “Bring Me The Arm Of Buzz Lightyear”, “Some Assembly Required” and (despite apparent cries of casual racism) “Made In Taiwan”.

I still have a list of 170 proposed titles. “ @cathicks : Do you remember what other titles were considered for Toy Story?”

Wow. I just excavated some more lists of alternate Toy Story titles, taking the total to well over 200.

Spurs & Rockets #RejectedToyStoryTitles

The Cowboy & The Spaceman #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Wind-Up Heroes #RejectedToyStoryTitles

To Infinity and Beyond #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Moving Buddies #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Made in Taiwan #RejectedToyStoryTitles

The New Toy #RejectedToyStoryTitles

@ leeunkrich These are randomly picked from a list of HUNDREDS of brainstormed titles. We had an open call to studio employees, out of desperation.

Now for some bottom-of-the-barrel rejected Toy Story titles…

The Favorite #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Some Assembly Required #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Wings & Pullstrings #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Each Sold Separately #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Toyz in the Hood #RejectedToyStoryTitles

For the Love of Peep #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Rex's First Movie #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Wind the Frog #RejectedToyStoryTitles

Bring Me the Arm of Buzz Lightyear #RejectedToyStoryTitles

@ leeunkrich If you thought those were bad, there were hundreds of others. None were better than plain old Toy Story, so that's the title the world got.

We considered "Bug Story" for "A Bug's Life", but knew we'd have to forever use that naming scheme.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ AllCharisma @jarpad and @AllCharisma . Hanging' onset. First Day. New girl. Making' friends.

Lk what #Supernatural presented to James and I ... Thank u Phil,Eric, Robert, Sera, McG, Cast/Cru

@ DAVID_A_SLADE All my Twi friends, know this, Eclipse now a distant haze. Think of it as a fugue state. No memories, and I know nothing of Breaking dawn.

@ RealCliveBarker @Purgatori66 Hello,my friends. I want to put on record that the flic out there using the word Hellraiser IS NO F**KIN' CHILD OF MINE!

I have NOTHING to do with the f**kin' thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker,it's a lie. It's not even from my butt-hole.

@ eliroth Suspiria!!! #Goblin #ItalianHorrorFest .....................................................................

@ JaneEspenson Russell had me rewrite a lot, but he actually changed very little himself. The schoolmaster story was his addition. I like it. #Torchwood

My rewrites were almost all just Russell saying, get deeper, make me cry, make me love them, make me scared. GREAT NOTES #Torchwood

@ Aiannucci Congrats A-Level + GGSE students. You work hard only to have politicians + journalists crap in your face. That's how Super-villains start

@ ZacharyLevi Just finished watching all 10 eps of Game of Thrones. Yep, superb as expected. #latetotheparty #teamstark #wannastranglejoffrey

@ simonpegg I preferred him when he was called Zuckass!




@ petermolydeux I would love to make a LA Noire style detective game that features humans but they have no faces. They can't talk.

@ RobertKirkman News of a CGI Yoda in Phantom Menace has me stoked. I love all Star Wars... Even the not so great ones. I buy every damn release.

@ bergopolis Sorry for not reporting from the set today. We were shooting on location in Chilliwack, aka main street in #Eureka , for the very last time.

@ wilw It is hot in my lab, and I'm stuck wearing a sweater. It's like second year at Starfleet Academy all over again.

@ kevwilliamson Where is everyone? I've wandered into The Shining reboot

@ CarltonCuse Explosions thunder and echo through downtown Cleveland -- from the set of The Avengers!

@ DamonLindelof When Banana Republic unveils a GAME OF THRONES inspired clothing line, THEN I'll be excited. #JherkinMeUP

@ steven_moffat Sitting on s train, about to watch 1st episode of Firefly. Present from a friend who says I'll love it. I'm confident.

In answer to the many, I thought Firefly 1 was terrific. Now on Sherlock night shoot, hope to watch more tomorrow.

Thanks all - now watching The Train Job ON A TRAIN!!

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