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Tweets Of The Week

Comic-Con, Piegate and Lost nightmares in this week’s tweets

In an exhausting week for Twitter-dominating news stories (phone hacking/piegate, the tragic events in Norway, Amy Winehouse’s death...) you’d been forgiven for not even noticing that the biggest show on the geek calendar has just wrapped up Stateside – San Diego Comic Con.

Arguably this was the year that Twitter came of age at SDCC, with every news nugget from the show floor tweeted to death (and the next story broken) before most websites could even load up their CMS. For a handy summary of the biggest happenings be sure to check back through our own Twitter feed (@ SFXmagazine ) and of course for more thoughtful, 140+-character-reporting our own website has you covered.

In no particular order then, here are some of favourite tweets from in and around the show floor.

@ EddieMcClintock #Warehouse13 crew shares a ride with @JewelStaite , on our way to #SDCC ! (Thanx @djcrewe1 4 the pic)

@ iansomerhalder Damon, Stefan and Klaus all on the same plane right now- not a good plane to be on... IF we were vampires. Or hungry.

@ SethGreen Super @DaveFiloni let me crash the #CloneWars panel where @TeamUnicorn cos-played the Night Sisters. #SDCC2011

@ edgarwright Braving the SDCC floor. Sadly I don't fit into my old Doctor Who costume anymore. Partly because I was eight years old when I had it.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ HamillHimself I'm on Chuck? My good luck! #NBCChuck


@ iamchrisjudge : I can finally confirm: I have been cast in "The Dark Knight Rises" x

@ simonpegg Really enjoyed HP7 and credit where it's due the 3D did an extraordinary job of making everything really dark, blurry and difficult to see.

I'd love to make a sequel to Paul. Nick & I had a funny idea but even if we started writing it 2day. With shoot and post it'd be 3 yrs min.

@ TheRealNimoy Remembering Jimmie Doohan. Unforgettable. May his memory LLAP x

@ BRIANMBENDIS Yeah, were officially filming powers on the set of the untouchables #powerstv x

@ CarltonCuse Dreamt about Nikki and Paulo last night. They were saying to me, "No matter what, don't do it." What is that all about?

@ JaneEspenson I'm told only diffs in Torchwood content are a 10 second trim in the UK version of ep.3 and a three-second cut in the UK ep.6

@ alan_tudyk Rupert Murdoch looks like a Star Wars character. The Emporer and Adm. Ackbar's love child genetically spliced with a Ton Ton's nut sack

@ serafinowicz "Emperor Rupert, is it true that you are actually Darth Murdoch?" x

@ Markgatiss BREAKING. Brooks and the Murdochs sentenced to the Phantom Zone. x

@ DonCoscarelli JOHN DIES AT THE END- the first movie I've made chosen by a 'bot. 3 yrs ago an amazon email came "if you liked ---, you'll like John Dies!"

@ trutriciahelfer Off to play EDI in #MassEffect3 today. Might get to finally work with @SethGreen for a little bit too, instead of always solo in the booth.

@ Mruff221 I have a first edition of Frank Miller's Wolverine that he signed for me about 20 years ago. x

@ edwardjolmos I have a fit whenever anyone, be it, republicans, democrats or cylons, support the ability of corporations to freely pollute our waterways

@ TheRealMissUSA Aww whoever started this is very sweet :-) #missusa #starwars

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.