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Misha mobbed, rapture averted and some frank words for new Who in this week's tweets

There’s something about Twitter that brings out a surprising amount of honesty in folk. Twilight Eclipse and 30 Days Of Night director David Slade (@ DAVID_A_SLADE ) is an essential follow, if only for his outspoken and fascinating views on the shortcomings of 3D cinema.

Last week it was comic artist (and TARDIS console designer) Bryan Hitch who took to the interwebs to fill the world in on what he thought of the new series of Doctor Who – provoking a rabid response.

@ THEHITCHFACTORY Not digging Doctor Who at all. Matt Smith may be best ever Doctor but the series is definitely missing something. Russell Davies, I suppose.

  • Russell always insisted it was a kids show that didn't exclude adults. Seems more like fan stories for 9pm audience now.
  • Doctor Who with RTD was a real 'show' now it's a drama. My kids don't want to wait two years to see a plot thread resolved.
  • They love to be scared by Doctor Who, they don't want to be confused or bored. Used to absolute viewing, now we don't mind missing it.
  • All this makes me sad not just because I worked on RTDs run but it's like an old friend who's changed so much you don't mind him not calling

It’s not unusual to have someone so closely involved in the production of a show in the past speak so frankly about a new incarnation, but this one is particularly refreshing as many of Hitch's views (whisper it) are on the money. And if you were wondering…

@ THEHITCHFACTORY And for those who asked, my personal favourite New Who is always going to be Eccers. Gave it much needed weight. As important as RTD was.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ SethMacFarlane It's a sad comment on the sluggish pace of American technology that in 2011 we're keeping our convicts behind bars instead of forcefields.

@ DavidBlue This level is taking me FOREVER to complete. I blame the companion cube. ...or the wine. #Collectormania #Portal2

@ straczynski Jeff Conaway is gone. Tragic, unfortunate, unnecessary. No definitions today. Nothing's funny. He was a good guy.

@ bonniegrrl George Lucas + Ewok + Boba Fett + Bith + Shaak Ti + Princess Leia + Kit Fisto = Best photo ever! #StarTours #StarWars

@ JamesGunn Just finished L.A. Noire. Perhaps my favorite game without dragons or aliens or bald hitmen or cowboys or Sam Fisher.

@ ManMadeMoon Just been to see another 3D pic... Any better? Nope! Still too bloody dark!! Had to watch half the scenes with my 3D specs off!

@ CarltonCuse Thank you, all of you, for all your love today on our one year finale anniversary. It's really awesome.

@ DamonLindelof When I say I have no regrets, I'm not being entirely truthful. Sigh. That beard. That accursed beard. #WeHaveToGoBack

@ steven_moffat Daleks Invasion Earth happening on Watch right now #goshIknowhowtorelax


@ charltonbrooker If World of Warcraft players were blurting out that footballer's name, would lawyers start suing Orcs and Trolls and Archmages and shit?

@ BryanFuller Fun article from SFX Magazine regarding #TheMunstersRemake ! x

@ LeDoctor There is no news on Indy 5... x

@ cassidyfreeman just reading all your guys comments about the #smallvillefinale and what the last 10 yrs has meant to blow me away!! thank you.

@ taylorswift13 It's the guy who played Chewbacca's birthday today so we made a cake. x

@ RhettReese We're all more likely to become zombies than survivors. Let's stop inventing strategies for them to kill the future us.

@ Paul_Cornell Just wrote the word 'Epilogue'. Now let's make sure it doesn't have another fourteen endings like Human Nature did. #fb

@ GeorgeTakei Schwarzenegger confesses to fathering baby with house staff member, but explains that child is destined to bring down SkyNet in 2031.

@ michaelsheen Dr Who episode was brilliant. Sad when it was over....


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