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Tweets Of The Week

Three words from Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode and Duncan Jones talks the “sequel” to Moon in this week’s tweets

Neil Gaiman is Twitter royalty, which made his brief reappearance last week from a Journey-To-The-West -induced social network blackout of particular note. What made it a cause for mass wooping and vworp vworps was that Gaiman was in the UK to talk Who . In particular episode four from the imminent sixth series which Gaiman wrote.

@ neilhimself @ steven_moffat @ murraygold @ rclarkie @ michaelsheen Just watched Episode 4. I am happy. Thank you all very much.

Gaiman is refreshingly frank when it comes to adaptations of his work, so his own seal of approval should be taken as more than mere marketing guff. Head writer Steven Moffat gave it the thumbs up too, but it’s the cryptic final words in this tweet that have had us speculating in the office:

@ steven_moffat @ neilhimself Ohh, just watched your one again! It's really good, isn't it? And look who it is! LOOK WHO IT IS!!!

@ neilhimself @ steven_moffat each time I watch it I'm more impressed with Matt and Suranne, & less able to believe that you let me get away with it.

The pair of teases. Gaiman even took the time for a quick question and answer session during the first leg of his journey home before falling off the radar again to write the $300 million Monkey Journey To The West movie trilogy. It’s going to be a significantly less fantastical year on Twitter.

@ neilhimself THE ZARBI when i was 4. Daemon at 12. @ PeteBottomley : What Dr Who monster scared you most when you were younger? Or were you very brave?

@ neilhimself Sure: motorcycle bedroom junkyard @ jamesmcgraw : Can I have three words from your Doctor Who episode?


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ JasonRitter The King's Speech was a great movie, but Prince's Speech was always in another castle. #nintendopun #newlow

@ GhostPanther In a hundred years will they remake The Skeleton Key as The Skeleton Plastic Pass Card? .

@ JimCameron Sorry I've been away. I've been head-down writing Avatar 2 %26 3 but had to leave Pandora for the real Pandora RT @ KrissOnYT : TWEET SOMETHING!

@ CLCarpenter1970 Sad because SECRET CIRCLE pilot I was hoping to test for was a role offered to someone else. I really was hoping to be a part of that show

@ Mark_Sheppard If SPN gets a seventh, I would like to think that Crowley would return... x

@ JaneEspenson @ Torchwood4Fans We are sharing the writing credit on episode ten. It's still very much his baby-- he'll do all the final writing on it.

@ OldRoberts953 Shada will be out March 2012. Just got to write it first. Adapting an absolute genius and personal hero - no pressure then.

@ DamonLindelof If I busted windows and tore off my shirt every time someone brought up "past shit" (coughFINALEcough) I would have no windows nor shirts.

@ ManMadeMoon Seriously thinking that if there was ever to be a direct Moon sequel, it may work best as a point and click adventure.

@ theThomasDekker First day of work in the beautiful woods of Vancouver. #theSecretCircle x

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