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Tweets Of The Week

From the Twitterverse: Trek star’s phone gaff, April Fools fun and Neil Gaiman gains a Dalek

Speaking of Wheaton and the Trek peeps, he was one of the only SF Twitters to attempt an April Fools Tweet: “I’m grabbing lunch with levar and frakes before the super-secret TNG reunion show table read. You want to join us?" Hmm, it's not exactly one of the classics, is it?

Still on Trek , Simon Pegg Tweeted that he’d had an impromptu meeting with a fellow Trek alumni at the Empire (other film magazines are available) Awards: “Met Patrick Stewart & had a Scotty/Picard moment. Yay! Have to say he is a lovely man. Felt a little starstruck in his presence.”

Pegg’s Shaun cohort Edgar Wright failed to put up a 1 April tease, but instead spread them out throughout the week before: “In Mission Impossible 4, @simonpegg's character Benji Dunn will be replaced by Benji the dog to get the lucrative dog lovers demographic,” he Twittered, before adding: “Dwayne Johnson was originally cast as Scott Pilgrim and filmed half the movie before he had to drop out with a sprained elbow.” Actually, we’re taking that one as gospel.

Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman proved quite what a fanboy he is by showing off his new Dalek and posting the photos on Twitpic: “My Weta Dalek arrived safely from New Zealand. Here not quite assembled - ” he posted. That wasn’t all though: “Here the Dalek and a giant dog set out to exterminate all lifeforms that will not take them for walks: ” Bless.

Finally, an important slice of wisdom from Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada. Hold onto your hats, people: “I have come around to a simple universal truth. Being pudgy in New York makes you morbidly obese in LA.”