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Tweets Of The Week

A Battlestar reunion and schoolboy pranks on the set of Supernatural in this week’s tweets

Heard the one about the toaster and the admiral who liked karaoke? They had Battlestars in their eyes. Ba Bum. Terrible, terrible jokes aside this week did in fact see several toasters and at least one admiral walk into a bar (presence of karaoke unconfirmed) for the Battlestar Galactica reunion to end all reunions.

@ theaarondouglas BSG reunion party tonight at Marys. I walk in to find ... Do u want names or character names? ;-)

The Chief, Aaron Douglas, was the man (or is that machine?) on the inside, reeling off a guest list that had us wishing we could jump there with ’em, including creator Ron D Moore.

@ theaarondouglas I've discovered that we miss BSG as much as all of you. I'm going to get another drink & tell Ron to make more.

Sadly the success of Chief’s mission has yet to be confirmed. The only disappointment? No pics, but at least this way we can imagine Adama, Apolo, Starbuck et al sharing a frakking drink in full costume, and not boring old civvies.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ TheRealNimoy Plans developing for a William Bell return to Fringe. Stay tuned. LLAP .

@ stevendeknight Congrats to Fringe for kicking the crap out of the Friday Death Slot! Fantastic show! x

@ Paul_Cornell We're off to the wedding of @ mrtonylee today. Demanding dress code. Took me ages to find the proper Time Lord collar.

@ steven_moffat Writing is really, really, really difficult. Have I mentioned that recently? Difficult. There, I mentioned it again. DIFFICULT!!!

@ theaarondouglas Just did ADR for Eureka at the studio where they did post on BSG. Look what they have. Frakkin cool

@ BBC_Torchwood We finally found Russell he was hiding in a barrell on the set of True Blood. Now its time for our grand prod mtg.

@ bearmccreary Wow! So many responses! Makes me curious... If you had to pick your top 5 tracks from BSG what would they be?

Mine would be... Diaspora Oratorio Something Dark is Coming Dreilide Thrace Sonata No. 1 Among the Ruins Apocalypse

@ simonpegg In the original script of Paul we had Paul theorise that accounts of anal probing by aliens were rationalisations of familial molestation.

@ wossy Can we hire David Attenborough to do a serious wild life documentary on Pokemon? Please? .

@ edgarwright Dear 3D movies, Don't make the studio logo in 3D the most impressive part of the experience. Yours, The Public (who paid 15 dollars).

@ JoshSchwartz76 Glad you guys dug ep 11. The last 5 mins of episode 13 are the best 5 mins CHUCK has ever done... Just sayin...

@ jumblejim Jared just tried to pull my trousers off during my close-up. I told him he had to buy me dinner first.

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