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Tweets Of The Week

A line from Torchwood: The New World and a Starfleet reunion in this weeks tweets

One of the best/potentially life destroying things about Twitter is the ability to upload pictures instantly, whether random iPhone pap shot or a classic image from the archive. The virtues of both were displayed admirably this week by Who scribe Gareth Roberts with his somewhat suspect Advent treat (see above) and Simon Pegg who's been hanging round with Starfleet chum Chris Pine while in Canada. 140 characters? Who needs 'em when a picture speaks a thousand words?

@TheRealNimoy Leonard Nimoy Hard at work !! LLAP

@ simonpegg Bumped into an old Starfleet buddy tonight. Good times ...

@ TheRealNimoy Leonard Nimoy Hard at work !! LLAP


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ EmilyroseLA Visited #haven 2day, meet new writers joining us! %26 this is a peak of what their coming up w/ zoom in if you can

@ JewelStaite Went thru our storage locker. Found my "Serenity" memento box w/script, set chair back, and a drawing of a middle finger from Nathan. Sigh.

@ edgarwright Lying on the couch watching the extras from the Alien Bluray boxset. #whatsyourperfectsunday ? x

@ bonniegrrl Thinking of designing a TARDIS corset. Or perhaps a Kraken bra. Smartass comments in 3...2....1. #DoctorWho

@ theThomasDekker I've never watched Psych, but I had to watch their recent Twin Peaks themed episode. Oh. My. God. As such a TP fan, it is EPIC!!

@ CarltonCuse Dreamt about Nikki and Paulo last night. Threw away all of my Four Loko this morning. x

@ GeoffJohns0 It's Friday! Which means I'll be working on my #Smallville episode this weekend -- it's episode 17 and it's titled "BOOSTER" :)

@ jock4twenty Olivia Thirlby looks fantastic as Judge Anderson in DREDD... very pleased x

@ EddieMcClintock Discovered the secret to a successful Creature Feature! ...ambient smoke. ...TONS of it!! :) #Syfy

@ JaneEspenson Ep 5, page 49. JACK: "I need to talk to you." RT @ adrievdm can you be a right tease and give us a one line sentence from jack or gwen?

Just got back home from a notes session with Russell T. Davies on Torchwood:TNW hour five. I love notes that make it better!

Continue for a look at @Nathanfillion's Christmas tree and some touching tributes to Irvin Kershner.

@ bearmccreary Thanks to all fans supporting Caprica. To answer the big question, I'm working on a full #Caprica CD. Not official yet though. Stay tuned

@ dhewlett What is it about high-definition television that makes everything look like 1980's Doctor Who? Even Avatar!

To clarify: I LIVE for 80's Doctor Who! Just thought vast improvements in video since then would've made HD look more real, than even faker!

@ bergopolis Darabont dumped his entire writing staff on Walking Dead. Totally understandable. The show's terrible and the ratings su-- OH WAIT.

@ DamonLindelof My standard for a great TV show is that I am actually personally threatened by its awesomeness. Damn you, WALKING DEAD. #SCHADENFREUDE

@ ADaniels3PO Kersh fell asleep %26 snored, listening to me dubbing ESB. Just one reason I loved him. He was a lovely, thoughtful, talented man. We owe him.

@ warrenellis this is going to be like that time when Joss Whedon tried to make me drink his spit, I just know it x

@ simonpegg For the record, there will never be a Shaun of the Dead 2. It's finished, done, dead and everyone knows, dead things don't come back.

Just finished my last bit of Paul post production. Can't believe our little film is all growed up. Roll on Feb, when we finally set it free.

@ ThatKevinSmith The most influential director of my single-digit years, EMPIRE maestro Irvin Kershner, has died. Thank you, sir, for legitimizing STAR WARS.


And finally... Did you know Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley was a Fringe fan?

@ radiomaru the UK version of FRINGE is about a secret team investigating unusual hairstyles (starring Robbie Williams)

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