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3D or not 3D, Simon Pegg has the answer…

With many stars running their own Twitter account, sometimes following a celebrity can feel like being granted unfettered access to their gooey brain matrix, including all the things you wouldn’t expect to hear from endless fluffy promotional interviews (as anyone following the wacky @50Cent can attest). Take for example @simonpegg , who last week made his opinions on 3D filmmaking very clear in a long series of tweets which covered everything from its use in adult cinema (“3D used in films not aimed at children is like seeing someone you respect trying too hard. Like witnessing your dad in leather trousers.”) to 3D conversion (“I'm in three 3D movies and am very excited to be so but there is a growing propensity to convert 2D into 3D just to charge more at the door.”).

After a morning of frank 140 character brain bubbles, Pegg back-tracked a little admitting “I take back my first point because I can think of exceptions, Avatar , Piranha . It’s fun and more credible now but it is not the next step.” And “To be clear. Again. I’m not dissing 3D. I’m concerned about panic marketing and 2D films being sidelined. Anyhoo, me & Sawyer up a tree...” But he’s still a legend for this fantastic reaction to the news that the entire Star Wars saga would be re-released in 3D from 2012: “Watching TPM in 3D would be like the car actually crashing into your face as opposed to just unfolding before your eyes.” He wasn’t joking when his first tweet of the day was “Good moaning” now was he?

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof I think THE EVENT is swell, but if 24 and LOST really had a baby it would hate both its parents and regularly engage in torture.

@ wilw Again, with the correct hashtag: Marketing can have a strong influence on the weak-minded. #starwars3D #facepalm #lucasisfistingmychildhood

@ edgarwright I just discovered the Wiki page for Cornetto which lists two 'famous fans' of the ice cream. Me and Kim Jong Ill.

@ THEHITCHFACTORY Anyway chums, today me and @ wossy are driving over to shepperton to play on the Captain America set. Chris is working in full costume today!

@ EddieMcClintock Golly, I sure hope #Warehouse13 gets picked up 4 a 3rd season! As of today, we're still in limbo, dagnabbit! #faithfullytowingthecompanyline

@ BambolaBambina Can I go on stage tonight and just wear the caprica tshirt and high heels! Starting some controversy! #capricaisback

@ SethMacFarlane Whenever a sci-fi or horror film is described as "stylish", it usually means the story is utterly indecipherable.

@ ManMadeMoon @ SethMacFarlane Screw you, hippy. .

@ steven_moffat Told my son the title of ep 1 of the next run of Dr Who. A pause. "I think we can do better, Daddy." Then: "We need clever. Not cheesy."

@ rainnwilson If u like loud, indecipherable Aussie owls re-enacting scenes from LOTR %26 Star Wars, you'll LOVE "Legend of the Guardians".

@ jamesmoran Ah, Heathrow airport. The Mos Eisley Spaceport of London. But it does have Caffe Nero, so slightly better.

@ normanlovett I'm not on twitter to talk about Red Dwarf. [boo!]

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