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Tweets Of The Week

Stargate ’s Joe Flanagan joins the Twitterverse and celebrates with a tipple (or two dozen); Stan Lee expects some awards; Moffat’s forgotten how to write; and loads, loads more

As if we weren’t constantly in danger of Stan Lee ( ) cameoing in every film made in Hollywood, he’s now attempting to sneak onto every TV show too. Following on his appearance in The Big Bang Theory , the Marvel legend has joined the cast of Entourage for a spit-and-a-cough. “No time for frivolity today. Must prepare to accept all my plaudits and accolades for my stellar performance on Entourage tomorrow!” he Tweeted last Saturday. “I must also prepare an acceptance speech in case I’m the first Generalissimo to win a Best Supporting Player Emmy!” he followed up, modesty, before adding, “All of show biz is wondering if I’ll get an Emmy for my TV cameos before I get an Oscar for my movie cameos. Oh, the suspense!”

And what of our other SF Twitterers?

• In that week that Joe Flanagan ( ) joined the Twitterati, the former Stargate star took a trip to his homeland, and apparently decided to give his liver a thorough work-out. He began with, “I am the only guy in 1st class Air Lingus. I will now attempt to drink for the absent 24 First class passengers. God Bless The Mother Land!”, swiftly followed up with, “That plane had a lot of alcohol. Anyway, I’m here at the LongHaul Pub in Dublin discussing film. God bless the motherland!” and then was last heard of saying, “At Druid Glen Golf Club. Hard to play golf and hold pints. Something must give. God Bless Ireland.” Expect his next Tweet to go something like, “HIC! I Love you! You’re the greatest! HIC! God Bless… where am I?”

• Steven Moffat ( ) responded to all the plaudits lobbed his way for Sherlock with, “All this praise would be a lot more fun if I HADN’T COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN HOW TO BLOODY WRITE!!!” (He really shouldn’t give the more extreme elements of Doctor Who internet fandom such ammunition, unless he`s dewliberately baiting them).

• Moffat's Sherlock and Doctor Who cohort Mark Gatiss ( ) found out he'd made it onto list of the most powerful gays in Britain: “Pleased to discover I am No.38 - with a bullet - in The Independent 's Pink List. Also that, without irony, I am a ‘re-entry’!”

• Mark Millar ( ) put forward another controversial opinion, this time about Ellen DeGeneres: “I saw her chat show the other day. She would have been a great Peter Parker in the Spidey reboot and I’m totally serious!”

• Misha Collins ( ) moaned about being on the receiving end of a backhanded compliment: “Someone twitted ‘Misha Collins - bizzard but funny’. For those who don’t know, ‘bizzard’ is when a lizard crawls out of a snow storm”

• Duncan Jones ( ) has a sympathetic girlfriend: “Ro knew I wanted to watch a Western, so she put on Back to the Future 3 ... awwww... bless!”

• And finally Edgar Wright ( ) has a hot date for a forthcoming action movie: “Oh my god. Stallone says he’ll take me to see The Expendables opening day, if I take him to Scott Pilgrim . Done deal. Done done done!”