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Tweets Of The Week

More 140-character wisdom, this time including Paul Cornell, Ian McKellen, Edgar Wright and Neil Gaiman. Twitterific!

Okay, last Saturday's Who was a belter to us at SFX, but how did it fare in the Twittersphere? Pretty bloody well too, it seems: "And that was your proper righteous Doctor Who mythological thump. To be continued. With brain and heart and eyes all engaged at once!" raved occasional Who writer Paul Cornell . Unfortunately, not everyone was able to see it, even Britain's most famous Doctor Who fans: "I'm on a train when Doctor Who is on," tweeted Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf comedian Toby Hadoke . "Sometimes the world is just plain wrong." Fellow comedian and Who fan Mitch Benn also missed the episode. "Bugger, gonna have to steer clear of this place until I can get to see Doctor Who, aren't I?" he moaned.

So, what else have our intrepid SF Twitterers been up to? Well, Ian McKellen sought to allay worrying Tolkien nuts' fears after Guillermo del Toro walked away from the Hobbit: "Sets are ready, script ready and movie is casting this month. Fans are not to worry"; Edgar Wright revealed what makes a dream Sunday: "This afternoon I fell asleep for roughly 65% of Disney's The Black Cauldron. This made it a perfect Sunday afternoon viewing experience"; Neil Gaiman revealed he's feeling old: "I rather liked being described as a wunderkind. It's a compliment when your beard is all grey and you've been writing for 30 yrs"; Simon Pegg told how he's still very much in his honeymoon faze with his new iPad: "Particularly loving the Comics and Marvel apps. Endless downloadable comics with panel 2 panel navigation in a single comic sized tablet" and suggests a new geek-friendly app: "Comics is varied indie titles. A vintage comic app would be awesome though. Are you listening the Impnternet?!"; and Stan Lee sought to assure his fans he was still one of them: "Some Brigadiers have asked if I’ve 'gone Hollywood?' If that means am I swell-headed and self-centered - of course! Isn’t everybody?"

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