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Warehouse 13 closes its doors for the final time, Joss Whedon on James Spader and what connects Firefly and Blade Runner? Answers in the latest Tweets Of The Week

Genre TV has always had a uniquely potent ability to build incredibly dedicated fan bases, which means whenever a show goes the way of all flesh it hits hard . The latest casualty of the ratings war (or, rather, Syfy’s season five curse) is Warehouse 13 , which will come to an end with a six-episode final season next year.

Filming on the last ever episode wrapped last week, leading to a series of tweets from cast and crew celebrating the show’s five years on the air. We can think of few shows with such a passionate team, here’s hoping they go out with a bang.

@EddieMcClintock And that as they say, is that. This is Special Agent Pete Lattimer, signing off. Thanx 1 %26 all. #WAREHOUSE13

@allisonscag It's the last day of production on Warehouse 13. I'm tap dancing. Pinch me. #living

@Bumpynight Hey Twitterverse! Thanks for the Endless Wonder of support and love you sent our way! 6 more incredible adventures to come! Stay tuned!!

@b0bg00dman Today's the final shoot day of #Warehouse13 . Thanks so much to everyone who supported the show and shared their love. Stick around for S5!

@sasharoiz Congratulations to my friends on #WH13 . A bittersweet moment for sure but what a great run. It was a pleasure playing in your sandbox.

@JeriLRyan Thinking about my buddies from #Warehouse13 as they finish up their final day of shooting. Big hug to you, @EddieMcClintock !

@AaronRAshmore It's over guys..... #Warehouse13

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ManMadeMoon "I have an idea." "Great! Lets hear it!" *explains idea* "Damn! That IS great! Hey, rival director X, you should totally do that!" Studios.

*big breathe...* Ok... Im over it. Fuck it, Im making Warcraft, and its going to blow everyones socks off! :)

@MattStrevens1 Off to the final ever Misfits wrap party. Will be so great to see all the guys after far too long.

@josswhedon All these old Spader %26 Spader/Downey references and NO LOVE FOR "TUFF TURF"?!?!?! Step up your game, people! #madthrilledbtw

@DamonLindelof Yes. RT @theericlarson : If I buy Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu Ray at @Kmart will you come to my house and piss on my rug?

@bad_robot Not opened since the time of Rambaldi. #FoundAtBR #tbt

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