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*Spoiler-filled* Red Wedding reactions, Nathan Fillion’s beef with Man Of Steel and what did Damon Lindelof write for World War Z ? All in the latest Tweets Of The Week

SPOILER WARNING: seriously, if you haven’t seen episode 9 of Game Of Thrones ’ third season (or at the very least read the books) and you don’t want to be spoiled, skip forward to page 2 where it’s business as usual for Tweets Of The Week…

@Maisie_Williams *spoiler ep9*

It’s destined to go down as one of the most shocking moments in TV history, so it’s little surprise The Red Wedding was the talk of Twitter in the seconds, minutes, hours, days after it aired. For UK viewers Twitter became a 24-hour no-go zone, as the agonising wait for it to start, one day after it debuted in the States meant all social media was filled with spoiler mines. Among the first to react were the cast (Maisie William’s bizarre Vine above being the highlight):

@RealMsFairley Can't say thank you enough GoT fans. Love to you all .Overwhelmed from all the heartfelt tweets. Was truly a wonderful experience. MF xx

@IAMLenaHeadey I cried. Michelle Fairley is one of my favorite actors to watch. She is so present . That howl for her son ripped through..

@OonaCC Thank you guys for the lovely comments about #GoT , really means a lot. Big love. #gameofthrones #epic

@missnemmanuel Oh my Gaaaaarrrrsh! Just watched episode 9 of @GameOfThrones .... Aaaargh DAMN YOU LORD FREY!!!!

There were plenty of famous faces who had nothing to express but sheer shock:

@edsheeran i dont know what just happened in game of thrones. i'm in shock.

@elizadushku Just watched #GOTs . Fuuuuh.

@AnnaKendrick47 The north remembers.... but I'm gonna try to forget. #NotEnoughBoozeInTheWorld #GoT

@mguggenheim The number of people who were shocked by Sunday's Game of Thrones is directly proportional to the number of people who have never read GOT.

@kevwilliamson Game of Thrones. OMFG. I repeat OMFG!!!

@ElizabethBanks Holy Mother of F. I have nothing quippy or cool to say re: Game of Thrones. I'm shattered. #GoT

@ZacharyLevi Hey, #GameofThrones , you win. You now have more of an impact on my emotional well being than anything else in life. #imnotokayrightnow :(

@MsJaimeMurray NOOOO #GAMEOFTHRONES WTF!?!?! How could you? Why, why, why???

@RachelleLefevre I'm so traumatized by #GameofThrones tonight I can't move from the couch. Just sitting here slack-jawed like a muppet. #HBO

@geoffjohns GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!! WHAAAAT!?!?!?? @allanheinberg

@Liam_J_McIntyre Wow. Really @GameOfThrones ? I don't know if I actually want to watch you anymore after that. I'm actually kind of annoyed. Boo.

@RhettReese Last night's Game of Thrones lived up to all expectations. It did justice to my second favorite scene in all the books!

Fortunately at least some were around to help us deal with the trauma through laughter:

@zachbraff Between Michael Douglas ruining cunnilingus and the Blood Wedding on G.O.T, it's been a dramatic 24 hours.

@edgarwright I am not quite caught up yet, but clearly the acronym for Game Of Thrones should officially be changed from GoT to OMG.

@pattonoswalt Let's just say I've deejayed a LOT of weddings that ended like last night's GAME OF THRONES.

Jon Favreau

@Jon_Favreau I don't know which was more disturbing, the red wedding on #got or Rob Lowe's makeup on #behindthecandelabra

@glenmazzara Wow. Game of Thrones brings it. #FeelGoodShowOfTheYear

@joncassar Game of Thrones - for those still in shock, now you you know why your nerdy friend who read the books was depressed 10 years ago

@IGLevine Sorry, if you rage quit game of thrones after the last episode, you're doing it wrong.

@josswhedon Not up on "Thrones" but hear George killed more peeps - can he PLEEZ have my rep now so I can stop hearing about it? #gettingold

Tweets Of The Week continues on page 2 (no more Red Wedding chatter, honest!)

The SFX Twitter Stream

@stevendeknight #InTheFlesh makes me want to move to the UK to create my next series. Brilliant, unexpected, and deeply moving.

@NathanFillion Stop showing me so much Man of Steel! We'll all go! "Much anticipated" is turning into "saw most of it."

@wossy I am preparing for my lovely wife's #GameofThrones themed birthday party tomorrow. I have the best costume EVER.Doubt you can guess it...

@neilhimself @wossy you will be wearing a George R R Martin costume, complete with beard and casey jones hat.

@philfordesq @wossy Just make sure none of the guests are wearing chain mail under their suits! GoT doesn't have a good rep when it comes to parties.

@ManMadeMoon Almost got my costume ready for Pacific Rim premier!

@DamonLindelof Just the parts you hated. RT @HKLFilms : @DamonLindelof just curious how much of the #WorldWarZ script you contributed to?

@danharmon Ask yourself this question: if Forrest Gump was so good, why wasn't there a robotic cop in it? #caseclosers

@NoelClarke : On set. The main man @iansomerhalder @TheAnomalyMovie Noel, You're the main man-you're my boss!

@MsJaimeMurray 4 seasons in %26 HG still hasn't found the GSpot but Stahma found it in one night @SyFy @DefianceWorld Aliens Vs Humans = Aliens 1 Humans 0

@ERICBALFOUR WTF is happening on the set of #Haven today?! I'm really not quite sure myself to be honest... Kanpai!

@JamesGunn Stayed out a little later than I planned with @edgarwright but had a great night exchanging Marvel secrets.

@MoTancharoen Oh you know... Just another day at work. With @josswhedon .

@josswhedon Arclight with this guy I can't kill. #nevergiveup

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