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Tributes to James Herbert, Joss Whedon’s Star Wars movie and Toby Whithouse’s verdict on In The Flesh , all in the latest Tweets Of The Week

It’s a sad fact of Twitter’s instant information nature that chances are the first place you’ll hear about a celebrity’s death is on our social network of choice. As a result, it’s also the place most people choose to pay tribute to a fallen friend, or person they admire. This week brought the tragic news that horror author James Herbert died, and the number of people who chose to express their condolences or pay tribute to Herbert by telling the world just how much The Rats scared the pants off them was unlike anything we’ve seen in quite some time.

@neilhimself I just heard that James Herbert is dead. Gutted. Friends with Jim since 1984. A good man, %26 a better writer than they gave him credit for.

@Beathhigh Sad news about James Herbert - as a teen, I scared myself silly reading him. He led me to King, Barker, others. RIP...

@RealReeceShears RIP James Herbert. Will always fondly remember reading "The Rats" for the first time.

@eddiemarsan RIP James Herbert. Born April 8th 1943 in Bethnal Green. His family have been stall holders on the market for years. Well done mate.

@edgarwright Today, Garth Marenghi flies at half mast.

Farewell Mr Herbert, your words will spread fear forever.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ElizabethBanks The TRUE answer to the question: what House am I? "Anyone who isn't us is our enemy." #GameofThrones

@DamonLindelof Dear Person(s) Responsible For "Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight": Everything is wrong with the way you watch movies.

@BryanFuller : Going to be a process. #VeronicaMars revival succeeded because it was very well planned and thoroughly vetted. Stay Tuned!

@serafinowicz Each episode of South Park is a masterclass in comedy, social commentary and storytelling, all done in 6 days! They're 20-minute miracles.

@ERICBALFOUR Wow, #Haven fans. Just got clued in on what's coming up in season 4 and holy sh*t!!! You guys are in for a ride!!!

@JaneEspenson There is a lovely story circulating about the Once spinoff. It has several important facts very wrong. #ButIWontTellYouWhichOn es

@TheRock As a kid I pretended to be Snake Eyes & Boba Fett. Imagine how I felt in this scene.. #TotalGeekMoment #GIJoe

@ManMadeMoon ". @esmiller80 This is how it all started for @ManMadeMoon " %26 I still dress like this when Im directing.

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@sebroche Some very nice fans came by the set today and gave me this :)

@Stephen_Stanton @kbavoice #Psychonauts reunion! Richard Horvitz (Raz) %26 myself (Sasha Nein) recording some funny commercials today.

@MuchAdoFilm Joss: Tom plots evil. Was Verges the villain all along? #textmakessensenow

@levarburton : HAPPY BIRTHDAY @WilliamShatner YOU ARE THE SHAT, THE WHOLE SHAT & NOTHIN’ BUT THE SHAT!!!” LeVar, I am touched. MBB

Ian Somerhalder

@iansomerhalder Pay attention to your gauges Ian...

@bad_robot #FoundAtBR from artist @amandavisell

@MarcW Day 33. Security.

Day 32. Mr. Feore.

Day 31. There are chainz in there.

Day 30. Ravencroft.

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