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Joss joins Twitter, Being Human memories, the Supernatural Harlem Shake and… did we mention JOSS WHEDON JOINED TWITTER, all in the latest Tweets of the Week

We’re not going to beat round the bush, the BIGGEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF TWITTER happened this week. Nope, someone didn’t make a Harlem Shake video with kittens – God of the Geeks, Joss Whedon, has started Tweeting. Admittedly it’s only likely to be temporary because he’s tweeting as part of the promotional tour for his new film, Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing , and he’s something of a busy chap, but it’s very easy to catch the Twitter bug so don’t rule out Joss as a permanent fixture on Twitter just yet.

Either way, you should make sure you’re following @MuchAdoFilm forthwith, which is where you can find Joss’ words of wisdom/nonsense during the Much Ado SXSW film festival bus tour. A bunch of the cast are tweeting along too, including Dollhouse ’s @frankranz and Angel ’s @AmyAcker .

Some questions as to the veracity of my tweety identity. PROOF, Doubting Thomi! (Pllural of thomas. Work with me.)

Joss here. NO WAY this trip turns into a French farce. @JillianMorgese@TheVulcanSalute@BJMcElhaney@SpencerTClark

Joss: my job is so rough.

Joss: two minutes later, blood everywhere. Bar fights and pagan sacrifices mix surprisingly well.

The moment we've been waiting for!! #JossWhedon @AmyAcker #AlexisDenisof #MuchAdoSXSW

As much as we’ve been enjoying Joss’ tweets, however, these are undoubtedly the highlights of the Much Ado tour so far:

@NickKocher Fran gets an idea. #muchadosxsw @muchadofilm

The SFX Twitter Stream

@KateBracken ok, well heres a #BeingHuman memory - i once walked into my trailer toilet to find this beaut had beaten me to it...

@damienmolony My favourite photo #BeingHuman xxx

@lalscotton I love this one of @KateBracken shortly after having her throat ripped out #beinghuman

@marcuswhitney1 The good old days #beinghuman @russelltovey @SineadKeenan

@m_giacchino Here's a glimpse of what we are mixing right now...

@ZacharyQuinto suited up. diving in for thirteen more. lucky.

@ManMadeMoon Not going to say anything of substance here, other than to say Im absolutely bloody loving working on Warcraft. So far a bloomin dream job!

@simonpegg It's 21.37, I'm at work, in a tent, in a studio, Rosamund Pike is asleep on the floor next to me. It's basically a regular Friday night.

(I love the Walking Dead, I'm just funstering, like the jolly japester that I am)

@Y_Strahovski Can't believe I'm doing this, but yup. I'm doing this. I blame my parents. We are watching the episode. @ZacharyLevi

@ZacharyLevi I need this new Star Trek movie like I need another hole in my head. A hole that produces cash money and grants me the power of flight.

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@jarpad Sorry for the delay. For the crew and the fans. Here ya go :)

Ok y'all, WHEN (not if), you YouTube "Supernatural Shake", try and figure out who's in the body bag :)

@jumblejim I slipped a Supernatural reference into next week's Justified. See if you can catch it (if it makes the cut)!

Regarding rumors Bobby will return in season 9: NO ONE has talked to me about returning in season 9. Don't believe everything you hear.

Felicia Day

@feliciaday View from my Supernatural cast chair. It's coooold! #delicateflower


@MarcW Pretty sure they change the names on Game of Thrones every week just to mess with us.

@grumpygamer I'm just now realizing I missed the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones. No wonder I thought the end of season 2 was kind of lame.

@TimOfLegend Hey! The little kid from the Narrows in Batman Begins is Joffrey Baratheon in disguise. Don't save him, Katie Holmes! He grows up all bad!

@joe_hill I was a huge WILD CARDS fan in high school. It fucks with my thought-toboggan to know that was George R.R. Martin's big thing *then*.

@Dichenlachman Saturday auditions. Fox lot.

@pattonoswalt Nolan leaked the JUSTICE LEAGUE cast to me! Batman (Kilmer), Kazaam (Shaq), Patty Smythe from "The Warrior" video %26 Chester Cheetah.

@thatdickmiller Dick and friend

@robinince weirdly I found at that Mrs Brown's Boys is actually a very long episode of Black Mirror but to make the twist work they've kept it quiet.

@AnneWheaton This is starting to feel like an episode of Twilight Zone.


@SteveMartinToGo Where are they now? Why, right here.

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