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Edgar Wright’s dream role in Doctor Who , Nathan Fillion’s email signatures and is Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ? All in the latest Tweets Of The Week

If Twitter’s contributed one thing to the collective knowledge of the world, it’s the inevitably in all our hearts that one day an army of Justin Bieber obsessives will rise and conquer the earth. If it’s contributed two things, the other would be director Marc Webb’s intriguing daily insights into filming on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , destined to be analysed right down to the file name by internet sleuths.

Day 1. #anamorphic #film #philthecameraoperator

Day 2. #oscorp

Day 3. #happybirthday

Day 4. #dramamine

Day 5. #lerman #assistantdirector #snowday

Day 3 is the most intriguing here. As Crave points out 14 is the number of the locker Peter Parker and Eddie Brock find the venom suit in Ultimate Spider-Man, and the #happybirthday is for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ’s Dane DeHann, who stars as Harry Osborn in the super-sequel. Speculative conclusion – Harry is one day destined to don the symbiote suit.

The SFX Twitter Stream

Mr. @markgatiss promised me that I will play the lead part in a special Dr Who biopic solely covering the character of Adric. My dream role.

@edgarwright With twist ending where he ends up marrying an Ankylosaurus.

My email signature on iPhone: Sent by Pigeon. iPad: From my Commodore 64. When #GameofThrones is on: Sent by Raven. Yours?


Yay guys! We watched it together! Time for bed - wait - the #LostGirl chicks are boning again. I'll just see what this is about.

Fred scores for Brazil which will make it all the more heartbreaking when Illyria takes over his body 15 minutes from full-time.

Haven't heard anything about the new Star Wars movies. I'll let you know if I'm involved. #donthecloakagain

Good for Supernatural for being brave enough to take a controversial political stance on air tonight by denouncing Nazis.

Weird part of me thinks Lindsay Lohan would be perfect in a solo Harley Quinn flick - in jail, then she's out, back in jail, out again...

Slimer from GHOSTBUSTERS was a legless binge-eater in his former life, right?

We won't be laughing when it turns out, inevitably, we've been eating people. That's where this is heading. Horse stuff = softening us up.

Look at these crazy angels... @mishacollins @amandatapping

Ooh, back with my man @JamesCallis #fb

Admiral!! @edwardjolmos #fb

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