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Amidst endless videogame journalism controversies and “Fake Geek Girl” controversies , it’s easy to forget that Twitter’s just a bit of fun sometimes. We can’t imagine ever tiring of Damon Lindelof’s endless trolling of people who abuse him on Twitter, for example:

@ DamonLindelof Never. RT @edgeinisverige you butchered Prometheus and now you have butchered World War Z. When will you stop?

@ sethgs Hurriedly writing my fake early draft of PROMETHEUS so I can leak it and give some talkbacker a rage aneurysm.

But along with all the nerd-rage and irreverent humour Twitter does occasionally throw up an interesting news nugget. With direct access to a huge number of creatives and no PRs, studios or agents standing between a question and an answer, sometimes the easiest way to quell a rumour that’s been circulating for weeks is simply to ask:

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ RichardDreyfuss Close Encounters was released 35 years ago. One day we'll make a sequel where I return %26 have a difficult reunion with the kids I abandoned

@ RobertKirkman I must say, I never noticed how often R2-D2 sexes a machine with his robo-penis. I swear there's a spot in cloud city where he's thrusting.

@ MarcW Once Upon A Time on a Spider-Man scout.

@ OldRoberts953 Well. McGoohan resigned because he discovered the Village had been built and it had been his idea as a young man.

Doesn't really make sense but that's what George Markstein reckoned apparently.

@ grumpygamer I was playing the My Little Pony iOS game this morning on the train and found myself shielding the screen like I was watching porn.

@ ManMadeMoon Prescient sci-fi is easy. Look at who is rich, then postulate how they could be richer.

@ jennydelherpes I asked what this specific sound effect was called in the 810 #SPN director's cut. The file was called 'gore gush blood squirt.wav' #figures

@ JimCameron Back to writing AVTR 2,3. Thanks for checking out @RedCarpetGreenD

@ jamesmoran If you don't welcome people into the geek world, YOU are not a proper geek. You are a jizzcopter.

@ Jaime_King A Dame To Kill For... With my buddies @jessicaalba rodriguez

@ EmilyroseLA So excited to get news of #haven season 4 on the last day of shooting thanksgiving house with hallmark! I'm

@ philfordesq Just did a horror double - Walking Dead and American Horror Story Asylum. Seriously in need of some Jools Holland now before I can face bed.

@ simonpegg Since I've been asked, I love the books, WWZ and Warm Bodies, if the films get them right, then I'm in. Fast zombies however are not my bag.

@ WarwickADavis Just finished my first day's filming on #DrWho . It's been my ambition for years. And to top it all - there are Cybermen in this episode!

@ JamesGunn My new best pal Omar the raccoon.

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