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Comic Con is the highlight of the geek calendar. It’s also marks the only three day period of the year where the tweets come so thick and fast that even SFX’s dedicated twitter robot can’t keep up. SFX were on the ground to provide up-to-the-minute coverage of events, but as anyone who’s been to a convention knows, when you’re actually there you have no idea what’s going on. Nowadays anyone with a laptop has the best seats in the house.

For example, chances are anyone actually at Comic Con missed Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s fun dinner/movie night ruse. Edgar Wright appeared on the huge Hall H stage on Saturday to reveal his Ant-Man test footage, and in a glorious attempt to keep his appearance a “secret” spent the preceding few days tweeting about how rainy it was in London, followed by this tall tale:

@ simonpegg Having dinner with Edgar Wright somewhere in North London tonight. Not the World's End pub in Camden, or Finsbury Park.

Then a romantic night in together watching flicks to get ourselves in the mood for shooting a mufuckin' film yo!

@ edgarwright I am sorry I lied that was in London and not San Diego. I will go to hell. But I shall make Ant-Man first...

That said, I was in London on Friday.

@ simonpegg Okay, so to be absolutely clear we start shooting World's End, 10 weeks from now, then @edgarwright will shoot Ant Man next year. #busyboy

Those tricksters.

In other Comic Con-related news @ BBCAMERICA persuaded Matt Smith to join Twitter on the second day of Comic Con. The three things we learnt from his 20 or so tweets:

1) Matt Smith likes otters:

2) He also likes scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese:

@ BBCAMERICA When cooking scrambled eggs.... At the end, add Parmesan cheese. .... Blooming lovely - M x # MattTweets

3) But more than anything he likes superfluous puncutation:

@ BBCAMERICA Who's the best villain of all time!!????? - M x #MattTweets

Best villain? - Pinky from Pinky and the Brain!!!!!! - M x #MattTweets

The day when Matt Smith joins Twitter for reals can’t come soon enough.

The SFX Twitter Stream

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday Um so I met George RR Martin and he said he watched and loved @theguild . Sooo Comicon Achievement Unlocked for LIFE

@ TheRealNimoy Often asked: Why did Spock smile and limp in the first ST pilot? Answer:Was told to smile by the director/ to limp by Gene Roddenberry. LLAP

@ SethGreen Besides being the undisputed king of con, Joss Whedon can really tear up the dance floor. #NerdHQ

@ RattyBurvil Boo #comiccon @karengillan2

@ JoseMolinaTV Behold @nathanfillion , @adamsbaldwin and Summer Glau! They's purty, ain't they?

@ Y_Strahovski Dear Chucksters - it was so amazing to spend time with you yesterday at Comic Con. You will always feel like home xoxoxo

@ adamsbaldwin Recently, w/ @ZacharyLevi , @NathanFillion %26 @kentuckysocal at #NerdHQ - #SDCC -->

@ mishacollins This guy was just hounding me for a photo at marvel's booth, so I let him have one. It will probably mean a lot to him.

@ alan_tudyk Firefly panel at comicon was thrilling. We've gotta get cancelled more often.

@ MerlinOfficial Katie receives a gift from a fan with a Mexican flair! # Merlin

@ neilhimself My assistant Lorraine just said "this is seriously the best thing you've ever been sent." I have a #Paranorman Zombie!

@ MsJaimeMurray I have it written into my contract RT @WalterJP86 : @MsJaimeMurray do you get naked in Defiance?

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Wil Wheaton

@ wilw I found Jabba.

@ Josh_Friedman I miss TSCC all the time but especially around the holidays. #haveagreatconeverybody

@ rcjohnso I passed Guillermo Del Toro in a hotel lobby and had a full on fanboy lock-up.

@ BRIANMBENDIS how do you get gaiman back on Sandman? threaten to do Before Sandman :)

@ SamWitwer I think @simonpegg owes us all an explanation. #Timelord

@ stevendeknight Thanks, Sam! Can't wait 2 tell u more. RT @SamWitwer Extremely enthusiastic about @stevendeknight 's new show #Incursion -way to go, pal!

@ jock4twenty Brilliant to see all the support at the #DREDD screening last night. Thanks to all that came out

@ LinerNotes Now that is a lot of #DoctorWho cast on the G4 stage! #comicconG4

@ ManMadeMoon Scratched my back and took a great chunk of skin off... didnt feel it. Bit worried I am turning into Brundelfly.

@ sutterink Gonna hook up the SOA cast with the Spartacus cast, then we're gonna storm the twilight booth and fuck up some pretty things.

@ edgarwright The EW party was not actually held in my honour, but I shall claim it was.

@ Mark_Sheppard I mean, they're cute... but where's the Crowley bag? #WBSDCC #SDCC

@ MarcW Tolmach. Stone. Garfield.

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