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Heroes stars react to cancellation; Matthew Graham considers Ashes To Ashes ’s chances at the Baftas; and more from the Twitterverse…

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Another show about to come to an end (albeit one that got to choose the time of its passing) is Ashes To Ashes and writer/creator Matthew Graham was last week getting excited about the forthcoming BAFTAs and its possible awards showering for him and his fellow Ashes scribe Ashley Pharoah: “Best Curly-Haired Writer. Tallest Writer In A Returning Drama. Best Use Of A German Car In Television. We will clean up.” Later: “Word on the street is that the BAFTA judges thought our show was crappy and that Ash was too ugly to appear on television in a suit." Well, SFX loves you both...

So what else have our SF Twitterers been up to? We got a glimpse into the domestic life of Mr Simon Pegg on Twitter last week (not that there was much mystery about that): “Dogs, poo, dog poo, foxes, snakes, Twilight, Monkey Music, Lost, balls, word count, babies, Wiggles, jet bikes, Crouch End, Mythbusters etc."; Damon Lindelof revealed the Lost / Trek guys had received a fan letter from George Lucas: “George Lucas’ letter to us made me feel like I was staring into the twin suns of Tatooine all over again. My life is complete”; Mark Millar achieved a long-held dream of being interviewed by Kirsty Wark: “Had a good laugh on The Review Show last night. Had mad crush on Kirsty Wark when I was at uni. My pals in pub all jealous”; Bryan Hitch hinted at a possible new design project: “I got to redesign Dr Who; I got to redesign Star Trek; now I get a chance to redesign...”; Brent Spiner's been rewatching his old show: “I’m watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBCA... why wasn't it dubbed with British accents? Patrick and Marina were!”; and Greg Grunberg found himself short-changed by the new V remake: “Bummed to find out the V in the show V does NOT stand for VAGINA. That's the whole reason I was watching!”

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