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Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Nolan’s Inception A Mystery Even To Its Actors
There‘s a lot of secrecy surrounding director Christopher (The Dark Knight) Nolan’s sci-fi movie Inception, which suggests it's going to be something a lot more interesting than the Matrix rip-off the teaser trailer suggests. But it seems some of the actors in the film are pretty much as in the dark as we are. Talking to Sci Fi Wire actress Talulah Riley (credited simply as "Blonde" in the cast list) admitted: “Really, truly, I have no idea what goes on in the film whatsoever. I really don't even know what was going on in my own scenes. I don't know who any of the other characters are.” She did reveal, however, that her scenes take place inside Leonardo Di Caprio’s character’s mind, and that she had to shoot big action scene in the specially-constructed sets that enable the "altered physics" shown in the trailer.

Blockbusters Boost Hasbro Sales
Box office blockbusters Transformers: Rise Of The Fallen and GI Joe have helped toy manufacturer Hasbro see a 9% boost in profits, according to Variety . Hasbro, which makes the toys on which the films were based, estimates it will have made over $600 million from Transformers toys this year.

Airman Takes Off
Eoin Colfer certainly knows where his towel is at the moment. Not just a hot property because of his Hitchhiker’s sequel, he’s also now on Hollywood’s radar. His Artemis Fowl books have already been optioned for a film, and now he’s sold another of his books to Tinseltown for the big screen treatment - Airman. It's a fantasy about a bit accused of killing a king who builds a flying machine while in prison. According to Variety , Ann (The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) Peacock will adapt the novel for Disney and Robert Zemeckis's ImageMovers.

Indestructible Man
Fox21, a 20th Century Fox production company best know for Beauty And The Geek, has partnered with Platinum Studios to develop a TV series based on Platinum's upcoming comic-book series Indestructible Man, according to The Hollywood Reporter . It’s the story of Nick Rabel, an elite secret agent who can't be killed and discovers the hard way the difference between "indestructible" and "unbreakable" (hasn’t he heard of a dictionary?).

Freddy’s New Fizzog
New Freddy Krueger has been telling Sc- Fi Wire all about the new Freddy make-up for the upcoming Elm Street reboot: “It's so cool. Andrew Clement [the makeup artist] did an awesome job redesigning the makeup… Robert Englund did such an amazing job of owning Freddy Krueger, you know, we need to pay homage to that but at the same time be a little bit fresh and new, while still being familiar. So Andrew and Sam [Bayer, the director,] kind of created a new look for this guy that I think is awesome. Of course, we've got the hat and the glove and all that stuff. It should be awesome."