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Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Fringe Due For A Rainy Season
If Fringe is renewed for a second season – which is looking increasingly likely – then production of the show will move from New York to Vancouver, reports Variety . Expect lots of drizzle and pine forests.

More Watchmen Clippage
If you cobble together all the Watchmen clips that have been released so far, you could probably edit them into your own Watchmen movie:

Hot Tub Time Machine
Coming Soon reports that John Cusack will star in sci-fi comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, to be directed by Grosse Point Blank producer/actor Steve Pink. It's about a bunch of middle aged guys dissatisfied with their lives, who travel back to the '80s via hot tub in a ski cabin. Sounds like Oscar potential to us.

Iron Man Versus American Gladiator
According to WrestleZone , US wrestler and American Gladiator star Matt Morgan (which sounds like a superhero pseudonym if ever there was one) has been offered a villainous role in Iron Man 2.