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Tuesday Link-a-Mania

The T-600 Revealed
Game Pro magazine is featuring the Terminator Salvation game in its latest issue, and the mag’s website is showing off a great pic of the new T-600. There’s also a trailer for the game which gives a good feel for the tone of the movie.

John Carpenter’s The Ward
John Carpenter hasn’t made a film since 2001’s Ghosts of Mars (presumably he’s been hiding in shame) but let’s hope he's been using the time to remember how he used to make great horror movies. Because, reports Variety , he's set to make his comeback with The Ward (do all horror films these days have to be "The" something?). It’s a about a woman who‘s a patient in a haunted institution.

Havoc and Demons
Horror scripter Neal Marshall Stevens (13 Ghosts, Hunter) is to write two graphic novels for Studio 407 which the company may develop into films, according to Variety . Havoc Brigade is a futuristic action-thriller due to go on sale on March 25, while action scarefest Demon Squad is expected later this year.

Will Charlie Return To Lost?
There’s an interesting video interview with Dominic Monaghan over at E! Online in which he talks about appearing on Chuck as a rock star who’s very different to Charlie in Lost (not so "sensitive"). More intriguingly, he reveals what he and Lost bigwig Damon Lindelof discussed over dinner a couple of weeks back.