Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Prequel to the Trek Prequel
Trekmovie.com has details of Star Trek: Countdown, a four-issue comicbook prequel to the JJ Abrams Trek movie, written by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones based on a story by Star Trek director JJ Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It’s being published by IDW from January next year, and deals with the origin of the film's mysterious Romulan nemesis Nero and will bridge the events between the Next Generation era (from “Unification” through to post-Nemesis) and the new film's continuity..."

Ron Perlman join Witch Hunt
Hellboy actor Ron Perlman is to star opposite Nicolas Cage in the supernatural thriller Season of the Witch, according to Variety . This is not a remake of the bizarre Halloween III (subtitles Season of the Witch and with bugger all to do with the rest of the franchise) but he story of 14th century knights transporting a girl suspected of being a witch responsible for spreading the Black Plague.

Knight Charges On
NBC has commissioned the re-booted Knight Rider for a full series, reports The Hollywood Reporter . As with the full season order for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, this is a bit of a surprise as it’s hardly been setting the rating alight. Good grief, US networks aren’t actually giving series time to bed in these days, are they?

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