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Trials Fusion Hidden Squirrels location guide

Urban Sprawl 

Squirrel #6: Skyscraper Showdown

At the end of the track, bailout from the final jump to launch yourself over the finish line.

As you fall through you air beyond you'll be scooped up by this flying squirrel.

Squirrel #7: Park and Ride

Near the start of the track, land on the hovering UNUR sign then bailout into the square below.

You'll need to land within the marked area, then wait to trigger a cutscene.

As night falls, the next squirrel will be revealed.

Squirrel #8: Blimp My Ride

At the start of the track, reverse back down the ramp to trigger the switch.

Now ride carefully to the front edge of the ramp ahead to turn the lights from red to green, but roll backwards again instead of jumping off.

Keep going backwards to find a new platform has appeared, and rolling onto it will make a set of squirrel signs appear throughout the track.

Now complete a faultless run of the track, collecting at least 35 squirrel signs along the way, and the squirrels will be revealed.

Squirrel #9: Marina Mania

After the first jump over a walkway, stop and roll backwards down the ramp below.

When you reach the wall underneath the walkway, bailout backwards to land in the bushes.

Wait for a few seconds and the squirrel will appear.

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