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Transistor combat guide

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by world of possibilities before you, we’ve got a few loadouts that should set you up nicely until you figure out your own unique style of extermination.

Jaunt (active) + Mask (upgrade) + Help (upgrade)
Using Jaunt will create a copy of Red in your wake that will draw in enemies while allowing you to enter stealth mode for a short time. Just make sure you’re out of sight when as you finish the Turn because sadly they’re not stupid enough to fall for a decoy if they can see the real thing standing next to it.

Load (active) + Ping (active)
You could swap out Ping with any other function that serves up a fast volley attack when in the active slot. Deploy Load into a mass of enemies and set it off with Ping to create an area attack.

Crash (active) + Mask (upgrade)
This gives Crash the equivalent of a stealth boost, increasing the damage of backstab, so it’s a great way to start a combo!

Bounce (passive)
Who wouldn’t want a shield? Pop this into a passive slot to gain a deflecting shield that will protect Red from damage. The cooldown is quite long at 5 seconds but it’s useful in a pinch.

Cull (active) + Load (upgrade)
Cull is a pretty devastating attack on its own, but tack on Load and the damage will increase as well as fanning out in a blast radius. Now everyone can experience the pain!

Crash (active) + Jaunt (upgrade) + Load (passive)
Upgrading Crash with Jaunt allows you to use it outside of a Turn when the Turn gauge is refilling which is super handy for mopping up shielded cells that may be littering the field post Turn. Load in a passive slot will generate volatile packets onto the field at intervals. So the combination of all 3 allows you the freedom to be able to attack while the Transistor is in cooldown mode and the spawning packets gives you extra ammo you can detonate during this period or if things are starting to look a bit hairy.

Cull (active) + Get (upgrade)
Cull’s Hulk Smash effect throws enemies into the sky but if you’re planning a follow up attack, you can forget it, because they’re untouchable up there. Sticking Get onto Cull will still mete out the same damage but they’ll remain firmly rooted to the ground for you to poke and prod some more.

Tap (passive)
Tap as a passive function will increase Red’s HP by 150%, so it’s worth considering leaving this function in a passive slot after you’ve decrypted it.

So there you have it! The clouds of confusion have cleared to shine down upon what will surely be the daintiest bad ass in Cloudbank city. Found an awesome loadout of your own? Share it in the comments!

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