Torchwood A Ratings Smash

Torchwood's BBC1 debut has been a major hit, with every episode easily winning its respective time slot. It was by the far the biggest non-soap drama of the week, with the kind of figures (an average of 5.88 million viewers) that most dramas these days would love to achieve (Hotel Babylon, the usual inhabitant of the Friday 9pm BBC1 slot languishes around the 4.5 million mark). Amazingly, it was also very consistent in its performance. Usually, with these "consecutive nights" mini series audiences will drop off from a heavily promoted first episode, but the audience pretty much stayed with "Children Of Earth" throughout. The show has also been being watched by just shy of 100,000 each night on the BBC HD channel, and clogging up the iPlayer chart.

Here are those figures in full:

Day One - 5.9 million viewers
Day Two - 5.6 million viewers
Day Three - 5.9 million viewers
Day Four - 6.2 million viewers
Day Five - 5.8 million viewers

Of course, these are only overnight figures. The official figures, including people who've recorded/Sky Plussed/whatevered the show, will be published in a couple of weeks' time. Expect a big increase for Day Five – Friday night is going out night!

Surely there has to be an announcement about season four soon?

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