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The Top 7 Biggest bulges

2. Soulcalibur V – Voldo

Edward Scissorhands meets the gimp from Pulp Fiction with Voldo, Namco Bandai’s most frightening contribution to the fighting game genre. And he’s coming back in Soulcalibur V. With the same creepily slinky moves, the sadomasochist is still quite the contortionist – and his wiggly fighting style still makes our skin crawl. But in his latest appearance on the stage of history, Voldo’s got a new, S&M-friendly accessory.

Take a close look at the face-like codpiece sported in the Soulcalibur V screenshot above. It really pulls Voldo’s leathery outfit together, literally. Gaze into the eyes of the facial codpiece, and try to not get lost in the gaping mouth holding his leather-strapped chest piece in place.

1. Touch My Katamari – King of All Cosmos

He is the King of All Cosmos, and by the looks of the drunken creator of all things celestial, he’s got the whole world in his pants. Just look at the size of that thing! Remember, this piece of promotional art for Touch My Katamari on the PS Vita is not drawn to scale.

The planet-sized father puts all Big Daddies to shame. As we attempt to fathom our insignificant place in the galactic folds of the King of All Cosmos’ inner seam, we find ourselves left with a sense of wonder and awe… and also being lost. We sense that we are quite lost and are having trouble finding our way out of these gigantic skintight leggings.