Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

4 - John Romero

Ladies form an orderly line. In the world of id co-founder Romero, RAM = hot damn! Peep the hair. It's as much a statement of style, as it is an entirely practical organic hat. It is difficult to believe one man can have so much hair inside him.

Here we see Romero's study of male coiffurery take a sidestep into the fantastic. More a headdress than a haircut, this man-mane actually appears to be a separate living entity. It's possible that like Venom, it may shortly detach and go in search of another host.

Case in point. The hairdo is gone. But in its place we find a battle for sexual supremacy between an ornate furry chin-shield, a necklace made of leather and spikes, some librarian specs and a sideways glance that says, "You just try rocket-jumping my bones baby, just try…"

I'm the boss