Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

5 - Lorne Lanning

So sexual is this former Oddworld boss that, after interviewing him, even straight male games journalists have complained of feeling, "a bit confused." With his imposing height, whiskery visage and tidal wave locks, he appears to have just strode out the Bible brandishing the 10 commandments of game development; "Thou shalt always be photographed with a grotesque goblin in the background to maketh you appear even more sexy."

Classic Lanning. Dark room. Black shirt. Quizzical look. Sculpted beardery. Game developer meets Vegas hypnotist. How many ladies wouldn't like to get their hands on his operating system?

Akin to the mighty Samson, shorn of his locks Lanning loses much of his sensual strength. Even the "come hither" open source shirt with semi-spontaneous eyewear dangler can't redeem a man much more aesthetically appealing in the role of a digital Moses.

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