Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

6 - Hideo Kojima

Solid Snake maestro Kojima is open source style embodied. Perspex goggles, and a shirt so dynamic anyone standing next to him suffers splash damage. But conspiring with the garb, it is the gaze of demoralizing potency that renders those who join it for longer than a minute either impotent or pregnant. "You dare to challenge my style", it says, "my gold card at A Bathing Ape says otherwise!'

Zooming out we can see the full extent of the posture. Yeah, he's dropping some atomic gold sneakers. And sure, his slim-line peg-pants are still post-Dior chic. But the detached way his serpentine form is encircling that modernist chair is raw and devastatingly carnal.

He clearly doesn't care that if he sits like that for too long his leg will go to sleep. That's power right there.

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