Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

7 - J Allard

Yes, yes we know. At first glance the architect of the Xbox doesn't look all that. Such a dull Polo check shirt and his thinning mane seems to be apologizing for its presence. Allard's doing the impossible, he's losing the battle to be the most sexy thing in the pic to an inanimate, alphabet letter made of mirrors. But wait…

Astonishing. The smoothness of dome, art-house ear dangler and tastefully understated T-shirt are a huge improvement.We'll overlook the contrived under-lip growth and the Bugsy Malone style velveteen jacket that'd combust if a cigarette even smiled at it. Overall a massive reboot for the Allard franchise.

He's got the sexual baton and he's running with it. A change of location, a relaxed pose, a camouflage hoodie and a sideways glance. "Oh you've just surprised me casually kicking it like a normal bloke down at the pinball hall, texting my mates", he might be saying. "I'm off to buy a Learjet, wanna come?"

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