Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

9 - Al King

Former Director of Consumer Marketing for conveyor-belt, gamesblimp Electronic Arts, 'Action' Al King is not a man at home to boring. A notion made all too clear by the first pic of this heroic Brit performing the terrifying 'falcon in flight' pointed star jump - a gymnastic procedure banned in 13 countries. The fact that he's chosen to flout international law by leaping from a small concrete plinth on the edge of what appears to be an abandoned missile silo only makes this athletic statement all the more daring.

Motorcycle. Leather. Flaming sticks. Can of beer. Big hair. This is a man at the very epicenter of danger. He doesn't know how to live any other way.

Shredding in a cap-sleeve T. The sweat's pouring, the trousers are tight. This is one ex-game giant still livin' large in the public domain.

And here, the vulnerable side of King. Snapped off-guard in a posture of casual insouciance, sporting a thoughtful Beat Poet costume. Just a man, hanging out in an alley, reading an SSX Tricky move list. Dynamite!

I'm the boss