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Too Human

The wide variety of weapons and armor are ornate and unique, but the art direction seems consistent enough to avoid the neon pajama party nonsense that prevails too often in games that share Too Human's half dozen equipment slots. The most powerful goodies won't even drop as prefabricated gear, instead appearing as blueprints that can be turned into actual items at considerable expense. Similarly, "charm quests" will challenge you to kill a particular kind of enemy and gather an array of collectible runes to unlock wild special abilities. The rarer the object, the greater the likelihood it'll have sockets for you to fill with runes, which can themselves give your strikes and shots the ability to root enemies in place, burn like an open furnace, and more.

Customization goes far deeper than load-out and warrior type, however. You'll crack open access to a three-branched class-specific skill-tree at level 5, which grants ample opportunity to underscore the strengths of your particular version of Baldur, or offset his perceived faults. The Champion might knock a larger radius of enemies skyward in a single stroke, and the Bio Engineer might heal more effectively at diminished expense. What's more, a separate alignment tree effectively doubles the variety by having you choose between the immediate gratification of a cybernetic allegiance, and the long-term potential of a human.