Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Glitches

  • PSP | Submitted by l-l)-l

    Real Wall Riding

    Go to the School level (unlocked after beating the game). Go behind the Gymnasium, and look for the half pipes on the wall oppisite to the gym (or attached to it) and ride up it at an angle. You don't even have to press triangle to wallride! You can even manual, pogo, truckstand, etc. while your up there!

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by Christine

    Skip The Last Goal!

    When Eric is flaunting the Hawaii footage at you and challenges you to beat his line, all you have to do is keep pressing up and you'll punch Eric right in the face and get the Hawaii footage without having to do the last goal. Of course if you do the last goal, you unlock a lot of cool stuff.

  • PSP | Submitted by etceffros

    Unlock Everything

    Go to game options and go to cheats and type in monkey c monkey do

    if it doesn't work, try with no spaces.

  • PSP | Submitted by BEANZYxk9

    Perfect Rails

    Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, and enter "tightrope" as a code.

  • PSP | Submitted by PSPmaniac55

    Play as Tony Hawk

    Go to game options. Then go to Cheat codes. Then type in "birdman" to get Tony Hawk from THPS1!

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by Derek Andeara


    To do a powerslide hold down X while skating and press and hold R. You can also powerslide in different directions by pressing left or right on the D-pad while powersliding.

  • PSP | Submitted by El Tweako

    Secret Disaster In Berlin

    In the Berlin level there is a secret disaster. In order to cause it you must climb to where you find the Graffiti Tagger character (the one you can play as), then you must grind on the ledge going towards the "Inliners Rule" billboard, then continue grinding on the small metal pole and a disaster will occur. This disaster and the others (earthquake in L.A., Globe in Atlanta), give me reason to believe there is a disater in every map.

  • PSP | Submitted by Eric Kogut

    Really Cool Trick

    This is a really cool trick that is easy to do... (You must be with your custom skater) First, when you are skating, press start and go to "Your options" then go to "edit tricks" and go to flip tricks. Then for either RIGHT + SQUARE or LEFT + SQUARE make it the trick "barrel roll"..... then, when you are skating, get a lot of air and do a BS/FS roll in the direction you chose the barrel roll NOTE: sometimes, you will do a "double roll" and sometimes, you will just move around a little bit in the air (like a glitch in the game sort of) but you will get the same amount of points for both.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by 5colt45

    Unlock Secret Characters

    Beat the game in story mode and you will unlock Shrek, space monkey, alien, phil margera, and a geeky kid.