Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide

Lost Island

Level 13: The Great Pyramid

The Demon Room

Kill the demons, then go through this room, through the door on the right side then up the ladder. When you reach it, shoot the orange button. It’ll illuminate around the outside to show you how many shots are needed to trigger a grapple point. You need to act fast in the next sections.

All the grapple points here are on a timer – swing quickly to the ledge in the corner. On the next platform, shoot the orange button, kill the bats, shoot it again to restart the timer. Jump to the sloping stone, then back on the pole and over to the next. Rotate on the pole and jump to the handhold.

Jump to the next pole, use the grapple point, jump to the left and another grapple point. Make sure you land with a short-ish rope to jump to the handholds on the pillar. Make your way to exit by continuing to shoot the orange buttons and following the pillars and grappling points.