Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide


Level 9: Temple of Khamoon

Dive into the water, pull the lever and swim left quickly to get through the gate before it closes. Climb out of the water and jump onto the lever on the wall. Jump up to the platform and over to the next lever for the next part.

Climb to the switch and return to the room where the crate fell. Position the crate on the other side of the room to jump to the wall ledges. Cross the moving platform and jump from the lever to the ledge above. Get to the ledge with a grapple point ahead.

This might take practice. Target the lower grapple hook to pull open the door opposite. Quickly grapple onto the ceiling hook, swing once and jump – to grip the edge of the door. Climb in, pull the switch and jump over to the right trap door.

Scarab and Pillar Puzzles

Go through the door near where you entered and pull the switch on the wall. Quickly jump to the nearest statue platform, then the opposite one, then the next one, then the opposite, then the next, then to the floor. Pull the switch and jump back.

Go to the rocks in the corner of this room and grapple onto the wall hook. Don’t swing, hang still and jump backwards to the top of the pillar. Work your way around the room to the scarab and jump onto the sticking-out pole on the scarab.

Return to the room below, climb the sand mound and enter the room of pillars. Pull all the white blocks out. Rotate the pictured pillars so they’re (from left to right): candle, green glass, blue bowl, two white tents (match the plaques/paintings).