Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide

Level 7: Midas’s Palace

Go to the Midas statue. Use the ledges on the left of it to climb round and pull the switch on the back of it. Go through the door that opens. Go through the first room and down the steps. In this room, use the grapple hook to pull out the three gold holds on the pillar. Pick up the first lead block when the pillar collapses.

Go to the corner of the room to the right of where you entered (as you enter). You’ll see some wall ledges. Climb them to another switch and go through the door it opens. Go through the door opposite and up stairs. Drag out the crate, crouch to get through the gap and pull the switch. Go up the stairs again and pull the lever there.

Jump to the closest white pillar, then to the spiked pillar to the left. Edge round and jump to the sloping stone, and onto a timed platform. Jump on the spiked pillar ledge and up one. Go round and jump back to the white, then the sloping, pillar and over to the wall platform. Jump to the next platform and the spiked pillar. Jump to the white pillar’s handhold, go to the top and to the platform with the second lead block.

Return to where the room collapsed earlier, but instead of going in, continue up the stairs. Jump to the stone to your right then up to the ledge. Make your way around the room – use the handhold on the pillar – to a grapple point on the far side. Drop down to a platform below, go through the door and follow the corridor to a switch. Pull it to enter the third room. Jump across the flaming platforms to get a third block.

Return to the Midas statue and place the lead blocks on the hand when prompted with w (don’t stand on the hand!). It’ll turn to gold. Insert the blocks into each of the three empty gaps on the statue. Swim through the underwater gate they’ll unlock.