Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide


Level 5: St. Francis Folly

Climb the far two pillars using the gaps in the sides. Jump across to the next pillar and over to the platform. In the room with the wall painting, stand on the pressure spot to turn out the lights on it. Continue through the room to see an identical wall painting with two spots illuminated.

Return to the lit painting and shoot the two lights that correspond with the picture to open the door. Cross the platforms beyond it and find another painting. Return, reset the lights and shoot these four lights. Go through the new gate. Use the grappling hook to pull two pins out of the ball.

Push the ball down to the ground. Return to the floor and push the ball onto a circular pressure switch in the middle of the room. Climb up two pillars. From the top of the second, jump to the lower platform with a newly opened gate. Go down to the switch and pull it to open a lower door. Make your way to the bottom of the room and pull the switch on the wall.

The door to Atlas will open. Return back up the central platform, until you reach an upright stone pillar on the wall to the right of Atlas’s. Shoot the circle to make it collapse. Walk across the pillar and follow the ledges right and up to another switch. Pull it to open the door to Hephaestus.

Jump back to the central platform, turn right and use the grapple hook to pull out the floor next to where a bit sticks out. Jump to the platform, to the right wall ledge and follow the ledges (no matter what) to reach the Atlas door. Shoot the button on the wall opposite where you exit Atlas. Jump across from the level above and use the right ledges to get to the Hephaestus door.

Atlas Puzzle

Push the lever to close the floor and jump across. Jump the ledges to your left to reach a switch to make a pole appear. Shoot the two buttons behind the statue (stand far back), and the ball rolls to you. Jump to the pole, then to the floor. Run and get the key from under the statue. Use the broken pillar opposite where the first switch was to find another switch to get you back.