Tomb Raider: Anniversary Strategy Guide

Level 3: The Lost Valley

Pick up cog number one in the first area you enter, next to the water. Then climb the ladder. Go to the pole sticking out to the right of the lever and put the cog on the end of it. Pull the lever. Jump to the first moving pole, then over to the next and across to the ladder.

Jump on the handhold to right of next lever. Shimmy right, jump the gap and up and back on the platform. Jump diagonally to the wall ledge, then to the higher ledge and back to the rope. Rotate and jump to the ledge on the far wall. Shimmy along and drop down. Enter the cave by ducking the stone.

Climb the rocks, then shimmy up the pole. Jump back to the ledges, up, then back to stand on the same pole. Hop to the next one and at the platform slide down. Cross the sloping wood area, then the bit with ledges. Follow the tunnel until the floor breaks and you’re in the green area.