Tom Clancy's SSN Cheats

Tom Clancy's SSN Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Dat (

    All Ahead MAX Flank

    Lets Toddle/ Will Make you jump to 45 Knots

  • PC | Submitted by SyKoS8tEr69

    Bring sub to the surface

    Type-->take her up

  • PC | Submitted by Dat (

    Deep Diver

    Take Her Down / Takes You to The Ocean Bottom

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    ALL codes

    b activates comm panel then type CISCO SEZ then hit enter after that you can put in these
    codes after you press B:

    1.BE MY BUDDY/makes targeted sub or ship be an ally.
    2.FLIP HER/turns your sub around.
    3.ZEPPLIN/your sub flys like a blimp.
    4.DROP ANCHOR/makes sub stop.
    5.HEAL ME/fixes your sub
    6. EAT LEAD/ awesome torpedo
    7. BOOM/Destroy selected target
    8. SEE THEM/Show all targets on sonar
    9. ENGAGE CLOACKING DEVICE/You're invisible!

  • PC | Submitted by Dat (

    Warp Nine

    Warp To waypoint/ After you type this and hit enter you must hit "W"