Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

And just because the various grumbles about Assassin’s Creed didn’t directly delay the game, don’t think Ubisoft aren’t paying attention. Even back in April, the Conviction team was focused on making a hugely open-ended game, and since the number one Assassin’s gripe regarded the linearity of Altair’s missions, we’d expect them to re-double their efforts to make every mission a whole lot more open than Creed. You probably shouldn’t expect Sam to go wall-running though - the fifty year-old’s feet are planted firmly on the ground.

When last we saw it, Conviction was possibly the most ambitious game we had ever seen. Even nine months on, that remains the case. With the old Chaos Theory team working alongside the best Ubisoft has to offer, if it doesn’t deliver in the most epic manner possible, we’ll consider it a complete failure. Oh yes.

And what of therecent rumorsthat it will be coming to PS3? Producer Dany LePage recently had this to say, before anything about a PS3 version had cropped up: “A fighting game? Something with two characters on screen? You could make that look better on the PS3. But a simulation? Something that depends on AI? I would want to do it on 360. AI is about making decisions - something that can be significantly improved on the 360.” Do we smell an inferior PS3 version?

Feb 5, 2008