Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD Cheats

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD Unlockables

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    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Trophies

    Trophy List

    Preserved Hope (Platinum)
    Unlock all trophies

    Veteran (Gold)
    Complete the game in Hard difficulty

    Phantom Strike (Gold)
    Maintain complete stealth throughout the game

    Samaritan (Gold)
    Complete the game without dying

    Immune (Gold)
    Complete the game without using medkit

    Emissary (Silver)
    Complete the US Embassy, Dili mission

    Encephalon Exchange (Silver)
    Complete the Saulnier Cryogenic, Paris mission

    The Great Train Insertion (Silver)
    Complete the Paris to Nice mission

    Shaliah (Silver)
    Complete the Jerusalem mission

    Refined Communications (Silver)
    Complete the Kundang Camp mission

    Under Metal Cover (Silver)
    Complete the Komodo mission

    Technical Difficulties (Silver)
    Complete the Jakarta mission

    Duty Calls (Silver)
    Complete the LAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT mission

    Five-SeveN (Silver)
    Complete the Game using only the Five-7 and alternate fire of SC-20K gun

    Mission complete (Silver)
    Complete the game in Normal difficulty

    Ghosts don't die (Silver)
    Complete the game without dying more than 3 times

    Boot-Call (Bronze)
    Whistle and knock out 50 people

    Athletic Tendencies (Bronze)
    Perform 5 split jumps

    Sleep Overs (Bronze)
    Complete a mission without having a single incapacitated enemy being discovered

    Execution (Bronze)
    Put down 10 enemies without dying

    Dark instance (Bronze)
    Destroy 50 lights

    Live on the Edge (Bronze)
    Sound 2 alarms and then complete the mission objective

    Inhouse Medic (Bronze)
    Activate 10 Medkits in the game

    Surprise! (Bronze)
    Grab 10 guards as as soon as they switch on the lights

    Safe and Secure (Bronze)
    Scout in all 3 vision modes for 13 different doors that can be opened

    Neutral Outlook (Bronze)
    Neutralize Norman Soth

    You can't see me (Bronze)
    Bypass 5 security cameras by jamming them

    Warranty Period (Bronze)
    Save Francois Coldeboeuf

    Recall Rejected (Bronze)
    Leave Francois to fend for himself

    One Shot... (Bronze)
    Take out 10 guards in Sniper mode

    One kill (Bronze)
    Kill 25 enemies with a single headshot, whenever fatality is allowed

    Fisher Express (Bronze)
    Complete the train mission in 15 minutes

    Exponential Heat (Bronze)
    De-activate 5 turrets

    Go FUBAR (Bronze)
    Kill al terrorists in the LAX mission

    Amorality (Bronze)
    Neutralize Dahlia Tal

    Accomplice (Bronze)
    Dahlia Tal survives

    Biological Warfare (Bronze)
    Retrieve ND133

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    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HD Trophies

    Trophy List

    Splinter Cell (Platinum)
    Unlock all trophies

    BlackOps Specialist (Gold)
    Complete the game in Expert difficulty

    Makes you feel alive (Gold)
    Complete the game in Hard difficulty without being killed more than 5 times

    Greater Good (Gold)
    Achieve above 80% success rate in all missions.

    Immune (Gold)
    Complete the game without using a medkit

    Out of the Spotlight (Silver)
    Complete the Lighthouse mission

    Cruise control (Silver)
    Complete the Cargo ship mission

    Money matters (Silver)
    Complete the Bank mission

    Apple Pie (Silver)
    Complete the Penthouse mission

    Displacement (Silver)
    Complete the Displace mission

    The Way of the Echelon (Silver)
    Complete the Hokkaido mission

    Fright of Neighbors (Silver)
    Complete the Battery mission

    Plight of Neighbors (Silver)
    Complete the Seoul mission

    Cleaning Duty (Silver)
    Complete the Bathhouse mission

    The Star in the East (Silver)
    Complete the Kokubo Shosho mission

    Sentinel (Silver)
    Complete the game in Normal difficulty

    Topsy turvy (Bronze)
    Take out 5 guards from ledge or over the rail

    Art of Unseen (Bronze)
    Do not be detected throughout a mission

    Silent Death from above (Bronze)
    Take out 5 enemies by inverted neck grip

    Enhanced perception (Bronze)
    Hack 10 terminals without scanning them

    Darkside (Bronze)
    Disable 40 electronics using the OCP

    Good ol' Pump-action (Bronze)
    Take out 5 guards with the shotgun

    Not Today (Bronze)
    Free yourself when captured

    Life's Edge (Bronze)
    Neutralize 20 enemies with the combat knife

    Dignity and Honor (Bronze)
    Free Morgenholt

    Dead Man Hanging (Bronze)
    Leave Morgenholt hanging

    Final Cruise (Bronze)
    Eliminate Lacerda

    Worms (Bronze)
    Hack 3 retinal scanners

    Knock, Knock-out (Bronze)
    Knock out 5 guards by bashing doors

    BSOD (Bronze)
    Shutdown 10 computer terminals

    Heat Waves (Bronze)
    Snipe 10 enemies in Thermal mode

    Dire consequnces (Bronze)
    Eliminate Milan Nedich

    Price of Betrayal (Bronze)
    Eliminate Douglas Shetland

    Price of Friendship (Bronze)
    Show mercy to Douglas Shetland

    Bushido (Bronze)
    Save and Capture otomo

    Unsung Hero (Bronze)
    Perform acts of untold heroism in Seoul

    Cold Duty (Bronze)
    Sacrifice the Pilots as per order

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    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD Trophies

    Trophy List

    Echelon Elite (Platinum)
    Unlock all trophies.

    Stealth Operative (Gold)
    Complete all missions without raising alarm even once.

    Passive Aggression (Gold)
    Complete the game without having more than 3 fatal casualties per level.

    Echelon Mercenary (Gold)
    Complete the game in Hard difficulty.

    Immune (Gold)
    Complete the game without using a single medikit.

    Echelon Recruit (Silver)
    Complete the game in Normal difficulty.

    Enforcement (Silver)
    Complete the Police Station Mission.

    Expendable (Silver)
    Complete the Georgian Defense Ministry.

    Tycoon (Silver)
    Complete the GFO Oil Rig mission.

    Secret Service (Silver)
    Complete the CIA Headquarters mission.

    TechWars (Silver)
    Complete the Kalinatek mission.

    Power Struggle (Silver)
    Complete the Chinese Embassy mission.

    Secured Assets (Silver)
    Complete the Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats mission.

    Re-Run (Silver)
    Complete the Return to Chinese Embassy.

    Sealed Fate (Silver)
    Complete the Presidential Palace mission.

    Urban Legend (Silver)
    Complete the game without dying more than 5 times.

    Field Agent (Bronze)
    Pick lock on 25 doors.

    Cyber Warfare (Bronze)
    Collect data sticks from 47 computer terminals.

    Adrenaline Rush (Bronze)
    Put down 10 enemies once they notice you, before they raise the alarm.

    Pinpoint Specialist (Bronze)
    Get 25 headshots.

    Fatal Embrace (Bronze)
    Perform 100 captures.

    Surgical Strike (Bronze)
    Take out 13 opponents by jumping from above them.

    Afterwinds (Bronze)
    Kill 11 enemies with grenades.

    Nightlife (Bronze)
    Destroy 25 light Sources.

    Privacy Matters (Bronze)
    Disable 25 unguarded cameras.

    Friendly Chats (Bronze)
    Interrogate 5 victims.

    Collector (Bronze)
    Disarm 15 wallmines.

    inHuman menace (Bronze)
    Disable 10 turret sentry guns.

    Quick-draw (Bronze)
    Complete Kalinatek mission using only 5.7mm Pistol.

    Charged up (Bronze)
    Take out 10 guards using the Sticky Shooter.

    'Knock, knock' (Bronze)
    Peek under 10 doors.

    'Over Here!' (Bronze)
    Capture 10 guards investigating the disturbance.

    'Passing Through' (Bronze)
    Complete Training Course without getting failed.

    Peace Stalker (Bronze)
    Complete Police Station mission without firing a bullet.

    Active Duty (Bronze)
    Complete Training Course.

    Non-existent Target (Bronze)
    Complete Oil Refinery mission without losing health.

    Data hacker (Bronze)
    Collect 50 data sticks.